From the moment you created your makeshift veil from a cotton bed sheet and slipped your tiny feet into your mother's high heels, you began to envision your perfect wedding day. And now that day is no longer a little girl's daydream, but an approaching date in your near future. That-and maybe the twinkle in his eye-is enough to make your heart flutter.

You don’t want just any wedding. You want every detail of your wedding journey to reflect your appreciation for luxury, originality, and beauty. From the calligraphy on your invitations, to the locally-sourced seasonal flowers, to the inspiration behind your wedding day look-every aspect requires not just your vision. You require a talented and experienced alliance of wedding professionals to bring your vision to life.

And so begins your research. You are surrounded by bridal magazines. You have "saved-the-date" for every bridal fair in your surrounding area. Your Pinterest page is bursting with inspiration. But, who do you trust to create your perfect day?

Introducing WoW | Women of Weddings

Women of Weddings in Victoria BC is the city's first alliance of prestige wedding businesses. Learn more about WoW