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Destination YYJ was All About Island Celebration!

April 11th, 2018 | 0 COMMENTS

Thank you for everyone who made it out to Destination YYJ at the Fairmont Empress. We had an amazing time - kicking off the morning with, coffee, wine, gourmet appetizers and a tier of cakes! It was inspiring to have 20 innovative members in the wedding industry networking, mingling and discussing the pressure of the upcoming summer season.


We had a blast on Tuesday, and our speakers from Perfectly Posh Events spent the weekend in Victoria getting to know our city and all it's beautiful spots, hosted by our sponsors! Holly, Bridget, Townley and Danae were incredibly sweet, approachable and informative, we are so lucky we had the opportunity to learn about their expertise in planning destination weddings.

The ladies spent the weekend touring around Victoria in LA Limousines, visiting beaches, venues, and getting to know Victoria and a destination wedding location. We had an amazing panel discussion between the four guests and our WoW Members, answering many questions and giving excellent ideas on promotion of Victoria as a destination spot (like doing a styled shoot on the island!).

Our guest speakers from Seattle said they were particularly impressed with how cohesive our group of wedding experts are. It was so much fun chatting and getting to know them over drinks and appies! It is such a lovely reminder to bond with other individuals in the wedding industry who share our same struggles and stresses. It is also an excellent reminder of the dedicated vendors we have around us, to recommend clients to or ask for help.

Holly informed us, many people coming from the US and have fallen in love with an idea of a wedding on the Pacific Northwest. Victoria is a classic timeless, romantic city that is highly sought after. The Perfectly Posh Events team was so pleased to connect with our group of committed vendors, to have recommendations on the island when brides approach them!

A key factor the ladies went over is when couples have a destination wedding planned, it is not only a ceremony and reception but a whole weekend of events and experiences for their guests. Couples in their mid to late 20's particularly are interested in creating this experience for their guests and the walkability of Victoria combined with stunning ocean views makes it an ideal location. They also highlighted to us that Instagram is a growing tool for brides nowadays, even more popular than Pinterest! 

We know Vancouver Island can be a beautiful wedding experience for brides local or out-of-town. It was so amazing for our vendors to make these connections with the Perfectly Posh Events team from Seattle. They are a dedicated group of women and we valued their expertise and feel grateful to have created this relationship. After the panel discussion, we did a draw for the beautiful painting by Raj Fontana, our sponsor for this event! The lucky winner was Corrina, a guest from the Parksville Bayside Resort.

We snacked on some more cakes and had a few more glasses of wine afterward while discussing our event next month, the Wine O'Clock tour. LA Limousines will be driving us around for an afternoon out to Church and State Winery, with guest speakers and a focus on "Thinking Local"! WoW Members, and guests, get ready for an afternoon of fun on the vineyard.


The ladies from Perfectly Posh Events, were a wealth of knowledge and the Fairmont Empress provided delicious gourmet treats and fine wine for us! Ra Photography elegantly captured the precious moments, thank you to everyone who came together to make this event happen.

It was another successful event, let's kick off the summer right! We look forward to seeing all our WoW Members and guests in the wedding industry who want to network, learn, showcase, share and celebrate with us at our next event. Click HERE to RSVP for our next event,
Wine O'Clock!





and That is a Wrap....

January 5th, 2018 | 0 COMMENTS

2017 was full of many accomplishments and we here at WoW could not be more proud of what our 4th year brought to our members and our networking events. Thank you to all of our members, showcase sponsors, vendors, board members for a great 2017...Now without further adue let's review.

Crazy 'FOUR' WoW

WoW started the year off with our anniversary party, ushering in our 4th year, joining our members together and starting off our networking opportunities. Our beautiful venue provided a backdrop for WoW members to brainstorm and be part of looking forward to our 2017 calendar. We were grateful for the opportunity and ideas that our members contributed and we hope you enjoyed the year ahead as much as we did. Read the Blog here.

2nd Annual WoW Wedding and Fashion 

This March our members came together and did what 'WoW' members do best.... WOW!

Thank you to our dozens of vendors, showcase sponsors, and members who came together, manning fun, interactive table, raising funds for charity, meeting brides and grooms, and putting on a phenomenal fashion show. Thank you to everyone who supported WoW and a big thank you to everyone who helped raise $5500 for the BC Cancer Foundation. Read the Blog here.

Zambri's a big hit

April's spring weather led WoW to a new venue; sharing delicious offerings and exploring. This month's "Shameless Promotion" gave guests the chance to promote themselves. Leaving behind any fears of public speaking and taking the floor to to talk about themselves, and THEIR business. This is exactly what WoW is all about, giving members the opportunity to showcase, learn, network and promote with each other. Read the Blog here.

WoW En Blanc - Oh La La

What happens when a party spanning six continents comes to WoW?  We WOW it! May brought with it sunny weather, the start and full swing into the busy season and our very own WoW en Blanc. A sophisticated party that we gave our own spin and the photos really speak for themselves.  Since we are already participating in a multi continent party why not take the time to learn about the many traditions that take place at weddings and between couples, and that is what we exactly did this month's workshop. Read the Blog here.


Best way to Brush up on Wedding Trends

After taking the time to learn about traditions, why not look at the trends that have so many of our clients involving them in their special days. Our showcase sponsors WoW'ed again, this month while taking an educational turn. As members and guests ventured into the working garden we embarked in a full out scavenger hunt. Members got a chance to network while learning to build team relationships. Our workshop was an information packed spectacular, helping members to impress their clients and understand trends to help give clients exactly what they want. Read the Blog here.

Party Hawaiian Style

July brought summertime to Victoria and with it members indulged in a brief break from our busy schedules to relax and have a party of our very own. Not only did we convinced our members to take a break and enjoy a lovely venue, games and very enjoyable ride, complete with beverages; we also took this opportunity to talk about the elusive 'destination wedding". This included how to network with those out of town couples, leaving our members with some tips and tricks to interact and get the out of town referral. Read the Blog here.

Harvest Time

With wedding season still in full motion, September came and with it the rain and the rolling hills of Central Saanich. WoW had the opportunity to explore a new venue, make new connections, and enjoy the company of our members.  We also had the pleasure of hearing from our very own Sharon and Kally and the topic of "seeding your business". Giving members the opportunity to brainstorm on their business, seek advice and receive feedback in a supportive environment all with the hope the we get to strengthen business ties. Read our Blog here.

A Royal Morning of Etiquette

Over the past few years the Empress begun it's transformation, this October we welcomed the 'Return of the Queen" and in return, we were spoiled with hospitality and indulged in high tea. WoW took this opportunity to network with friends, and learn a few do's and don'ts of etiquette.  A beautiful venue and some beautiful people, another event hosted with the class, and sophistication that we have come to love from our members. Read our Blog here.


Vancouver Island Wedding Awards

As the year wraps up, WoW had the pleasure of attending and being a sponsor of the 2017 Vancouver Island Wedding Awards. What a lovely event showcasing the many professionals on Vancouver Island. We are so proud of our members and their accomplishment and know that the awards are just one of the many ways that we get to experience and showcase them in the community. Congratulations again to the award winners. See our WoW winners here.


Holiday Social

Finally, as our last event of the season wrapped up we took up a low key approach and had a social drink with our members. The end of the year seems to not only wrap up all the events, but there is always a host of gatherings and commitments. This year we took the time to relax, mingle and network at our Holiday Social. 

Finally, a big thank you to the Members, Sponsors, and Vendors who all took part in WoW's events. We look forward to seeing you all to enjoy our 5th Anniversary party this February.




Happy Holidays from WoW

December 23rd, 2017 | 0 COMMENTS

WoW took to Table 21 this December and held our Holiday Social to Relax, Mingle and Network, before the busy week took off.

WoW attends the Vancouver Island Wedding Awards...the winners are!

December 10th, 2017 | 0 COMMENTS

This November Women of Wedding had the pleasure of attending the Vancouver Island Wedding Awards, to honour and recognize the professionals and their contributions to the industry. Check out the list of winning WoW Members.

A Royal Morning of Etiquette with WoW

October 30th, 2017 | 0 COMMENTS

The iconic Fairmont Empress opened their doors in 1908, over the next 100+ years she would be a landmark of the Victoria city skyline. This October WoW experienced the "Return of the Queen" up close and in person; spoiled by her hospitality, once again, indulging in fine treats and high tea, and learning the etiquette of the spa with Willow Stream Spa.