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6 Wedding Trends You Need to Know for Spring 2013

Posted By Victoria WoW April 25th, 2013

Brides are committed to finding magnificently original ideas to make their weddings unique and memorable. Brides are doing their own extensive research, and obsessively pinning their finds to Pinterest. But they are also seeking out experts to inform, validate and execute their ideas. We, the Women of Weddings are those experts.

We witness trends as they arise, as they begin to take flight, as they linger in the mainstream, and as they descend out of favour. Sometimes, if we are really on the top of our game, we can assume the prestigious position of launching trends in our local market.

So what are some big trends that are happening right now?

WoW asked some of our own very peers, who happen to also be upcoming Showcase Sponsors for our May event. Here is what they said…


6 Wedding Trends You Need to Know for Spring 2013

1. POSH yet PENNY-WISE options
We dream of the brides who have access to an unlimited budget, but the truth is, most brides must indulge in what is most important, and save money where they can. The challenge for us as wedding professionals is to help our client create an affordable dream wedding that still appears that money was no object.

Jannine Rossi
, Event Planner for Truffles Catering, suggests family-style barbecues as an economical alternative to a traditional plated dinner. This wedding trend follows the current culinary movement towards revisiting the family dinner table, a place where we once came together to share stories and food, and celebrate. Jannine observes: "We have seen brides go from traditional three course wedding meals to very casual fare for celebration." She also adds, "To feed your guests without breaking the bank takes some crafty handy work from your caterer as you want to ensure quality and value are added to your party as your guests will always remember the meal at the end of the night!"

Truffles Catering also advises their budget-conscious clients to opt for a cocktail reception. Artfully-designed canapés can be either be circulated by servers, or displayed at stations. Small bites are not only less costly, but Jannine emphasizes the social aspect of this type of celebration. "Guests are encouraged to walk about, mingle and get to know one another."


Right now, couples are in the mood for creating intimate moments to connect in the fervour of their wedding day festivities.

Courtney Clarke, a celebrated wedding photographer in Victoria and owner of Courtney Clarke Photography, often recommends that betrothed couples come together to pose for photos before their wedding ceremony. "This can allow for a really intimate and beautiful moment between just the two of them when they first see each other in their wedding attire. It gives them a chance to let all the things they are feeling soak in before the day is in full swing."

Courtney adds, "By planning to include photos before the ceremony, couples are also able to enjoy their party more fully; they have time to visit with guests during cocktail hour instead of running off for photos between the ceremony and reception."

Adding signature touches to wedding details continues to be popular with brides and grooms.

Many couples are electing to celebrate their weddings in locations that hold special meaning for them- where they shared their first kiss, or where their eyes met for the first time. Rather than having guests leave their well-wishes in a generic guest book, Courtney Clarke says "many couples also ask me to custom design a guestbook featuring their engagement images so that their guests can write meaningful notes throughout the pages."



3. General HOSPITAL-ity
Wedding experts are also noticing a continuing trend to create an inclusive celebration for guests. "I love that my couples are so thoughtful about the inclusion of their guests in their day; a couple's family and friends is really important to them so they want them to have a great time!" remarks photographer Courtney Clarke.

Capturing images of guests truly letting loose and enjoying themselves become cherished tokens of wedding celebrations. Courtney enjoys erecting photo booths at wedding receptions to snap guests in silly, touching or glamorous moments.

Truffles Catering's Jannine Rossi has noticed couples expressing desire to cater to their guests dietary restrictions in inclusive ways. Vegan and gluten-free options are often included in reception menus, and labeling menu offerings featuring their ingredients is a useful way to inform guests about possible allergens.

Catering to guests' enjoyment extends to ensuring they make it home safely, says Kyara Kahakauwila, Vice President of Operations for L.A. Limousines. Kyara has noticed a significant increase in brides exploring options to arrange transportation at the conclusion of the event so that guests can happily indulge.


Reducing one's carbon footprint is not just for tree huggers and savvy politicians anymore. More and more brides and grooms are making GREEN a central theme for their nuptials. Couples demonstrate their eco-consciousness by holding their ceremony in the great outdoors, giving away seedlings or herbs as favours, or choosing to patronize only local businesses (hooray for us!) to supply and serve their wedding.

Jannine Rossi has observed more of her clients requesting local, organic ingredients for their wedding feasts. Florists are also witnessing an increased demand for either locally-grown or fair- trade sourced blooms and greenery.



5. A stitch in time: the ROARING 20s
The Roaring 20s gave rise to Art Deco, the automobile, jazz, flappers, cosmetics, speakeasies, moving pictures, and both women's rights and women's hems (scandalous!). The 1920s was an era of opulence, individuality, and magnificent detail, all of which are making a roaring comeback in 2013.

In popular culture, F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan is about to revisit the silver screen. The BBC series Downton Abbey is an admitted obsession for both women and men, and has delivered two lavish weddings on which to feast our eyes.

This nostalgia for the 1920s has influenced wedding beauty this spring, according to Sharon Rai, owner of Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry. Marcelle waves, as favoured by the Crawley sisters of Downton Abbey and Hollywood trendsetters like Vanessa Hudgens (right), and side chignons are currently among the most sought-after bridal up-dos. Smokey eyes, either with or without flawless red lips are also a nod to the 1920s, when makeup became popularized for everyday wear.


In both bridal fashion and décor, opulence and detail come together in shades of lace for Spring 2013, another nod to vintage trends from the early 20th century.









6. Making it FUN and FANCIFUL
Casting our gaze wider into the wedding industry, WoW has spotted several key trends that up the fun factor for wedding celebrations.

"Step right up…" to a carnival-themed wedding! Cotton candy, midway rides, fun-house mirrors bearded ladies, games of chance, caramel apples. The nostalgia of unadulterated fun and wonder is a whimsical way to initiate a couple into wedded bliss. Courtney's photo booth is a perfect addition to the amusement park theme. 


 L.A. Limousines is also fielding requests for brightly-coloured limousines to add an exuberant touch. 



For wedding revellers who party into the wee hours, food trucks are being called in to satiate midnight munchies. 






And, as witnessed at the April WoW Event, mad hats are all the rage. Fashion blogs were a-Twitter with images of fanciful fascinators following last year's royal wedding, and brides and guests alike can't seem to get enough of these imaginative headdresses. 



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