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WoW turned back time to celebrate Something Old… Something New

Posted By Victoria WoW May 23rd, 2013

Who says you can't turn back the clock? Women of Weddings did just that for our May event. Something Old...Something New was a swanky celebration of influential trends that have dominated throughout the last century, trends that are making a comeback in weddings right now.

Fifteen minutes of fame will never go out of style, so we made sure WoW Members got theirs. Victoria's wedding leaders were chauffeured to our not-so-secret venue in limousines provided by Showcase Sponsor LA Limousines. The ladies emerged from their sweet rides to a throng of paparazzi (okay, maybe just one paparazza, but Courtney Clarke captured hundreds of snaps of A-list wedding superstars through her lens...).  View the paparazzi images on the Victoria Women of Weddings Facebook Page.

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We strutted our stuff on the red carpet runway that welcomed us to the Showroom of Decorate Victoria. The venue had been transformed into a chic warehouse cocktail party, with décor influenced by leading wedding trends from the jazz age of the 1920s all the way to what's hot now. WoW literally got our name in lights with our logo spotlighted on the floor of the venue thanks to the ingenuity of Decorate Victoria.

WoW Members and Guests were adorned with corsages prepared by Showcase Sponsors Gala-Van Party Shop and Decorate Victoria. Traditional cocktails and appies were given a modern twist by Truffles Catering, which we sampled while the Sponsors took turns sharing their perspective on trends in their specific categories.

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Did you happen to notice that each of the Sponsors hair and makeup represented an era too? Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry styled each of our lovely ladies to display modern variations of vintage looks.

  • Jannine Rossi from Truffles Catering, resplendent in a 1940s post-war look, spoke about how she planned the event menu using the past as inspiration. 
  • Sandy Long from Decorate Victoria represented a groovy 1960s look, and explained how she incorporated a modern twist on past styles for her current clients.
  • Kyara Kahakauwila from LA Limousines, reflected a reserved look inspired by the 1930s, shared the popular requests for transportation to wedding events.
  • Linda Poilievre of Gala-Van Party Shop sported a Great Gatsby-inspired look from the 1920s, and illuminated us with insights on timeless trends in décor. Linda's expertise was showcased throughout the venue, as Gala-Van provided the tables, chairs, china and flatware.
  • Courtney Clarke from Courtney Clarke Photography exemplified a free-loving look drawn from the 1970s, and informed us about her creative choices for the photography based on our event's theme. Courtney's fabulous photos can be seen throughout this post, and for more photos, please visit the Victoria Women of Weddings Facebook Page
  • WoW Founding Member and owner of Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry Sharon Rai embodied a nearly nude 1990s look, and offered her expertise on adapting the best of the past into current styles in hair and makeup.

It was standing-room only for the remainder of the workshop-style event. WoW Members networked with one another while also learning and sharing their own ideas on the most up-to-date bridal trends. Party-goers were invited to drop into each workshop station, and participate in the discussion about principal trends in each major category of service represented by WoW Members.


As WoW's Something Old...Something New drew to a close, Members and Guests were given a little Something Blue to remember this fantastic event. A modern take on an old tradition, placing a piece of fruitcake under your pillow was said to inspire dreams of the person you were to marry. WoW Members left laden with valuable information on wedding trends, plus a little sweet memory from our May WoW Event. 

Don't miss out on our spectacular June event: Tony & Tajinder's Wedding, a multi-ethnic wedding celebration that will take place at the BW Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort on June 11th. You are cordially invited to join in our first "model" wedding that will showcase the trends and traditions of a South Asian ceremony. As a VIP Member, you will be able to bring a "date" - someone who has yet to experience a WoW Event - free of charge.  RSVP here, and stay tuned for more details!


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