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WoW's 1st Year in Review | Part 5, Goals for our 2nd Year

Posted By Victoria WoW February 13th, 2014

Where is WoW going? The year ahead...

In our second year, WoW's grand vision is to keep the momentum going that we have started. We are continuing our mandate to provide our members with opportunities to network, learn, showcase, share, and celebrate. We endeavour to walk our walk and talk our talk, so here are our goals for the coming year.

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Our networking events will continue to be the heart of our organization so that we can strengthen our relationships in person, and welcome new business owners into our mix. We will continue to meet monthly, alternating between morning and evening events. Fees to attend our events will continue to be included in your membership fee. 

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WoW is committed to providing resources to keep the creative juices and business savvy flowing. We will continue to offer useful tips in our blog, and our roster of guest speakers will offer expert advice on a variety of topics. Topics that you - our members - have asked specifically for. Expect to see workshops and presentations on coveted information like marketing strategies, leadership skills, and expert blogging techniques. You already know that WoW thrives on feedback, so please continue to tell us what tools and information will help you succeed.

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We love seeing what makes your business special featured at every event, so expect to see businesses who have not yet been showcased in coming events. We would love to take this element of our event to the next level - we want to hear from our Showcase Sponsors. So brush up on your elevator speech, and get ready to elevate your voice so we can learn more about you and your business.

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There are infinite ways to share our talents, passion, and expertise. In our second year, WoW will offer you encouragement to increase your profile and get more involved by making use of:

  • our social media channels to promote your business and WoW
  • WoW marketing materials to proudly display your affiliation with the best businesses in the Victoria wedding industry 
  • member-only instant messaging/discussion board on our website
  • advertising opportunities on our website
  • Elite Membership opportunities

We also plan to increase our involvement with charitable organizations in our community. Do you have a favourite you think WoW should support? Let us know!

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WoW will always exist to celebrate our successes - on our website, via social media, and in person at our events. Our gatherings will always have an element of fun.

One of the most important raisons d'etre for Women of Weddings is to support one another and build our businesses together through referrals. Expect to see some formal ways to recognize the WoW Members who are actively generating business for other Members. This will be a true measure of the success of WoW as we move into our second year

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As you can see, Year 2 is all about strengthening our collaborative relationships and increasing our exposure for our businesses. WoW will continue to be about YOU, and of course, US as a group. Once we have solidifed our goal to be the premier collective of leaders in the Victoria wedding industry, in Year 3 we will venture into building direct relationships with our target client, The Bride. So renew your membership (or join WoW) to stick with us, commit to growth and excellence with your WoW colleagues, and get ready for BIG things to come for all of us!


Happy 1st Anniversary to Victoria Women of Weddings!

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This celebration is about ALL of us, so let's raise our glasses to one another. Cheers!! Here is to our coming year dedicated to prosperity and friendship.



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