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WoW Insiders talk TRENDS at our April Event

Posted By Victoria WoW April 16th, 2014

As Members of Victoria Women of Weddings, we have established ourselves as the leaders of the wedding industry. That means that our clients look to us for specific advice and recommendations to make their wedding events uniquely spectacular. That also means the responsibility is ours to stay on top of what is trending in every aspect of the wedding marketplace. Of course, we are in the know for what is in vogue in our specific niches of the wedding industry, but it is always informative to share what we know and learn more from our WoW colleagues. 


For our April event, WoW Members and Guests gathered at the marvelous Oak Bay Beach Hotel to do just that: talk trends.  One of the biggest trends in theme and décor that emerged last year (and shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon) is Vintage Chic, a la The Great Gatsby. Our showcase venue, newly rebuilt but nostalgically reminiscent of its storied past, embodies this trend of Vintage Chic in every detail throughout the hotel.  

In fact the Oak Bay Beach Hotel plays host to a Downton Abbey event each time the show premiers a new season. The popular BBC series' meticulously detailed style has been very influential in wedding trends over the past few years.  You can tell from these images that this hotel is simply perfect to take us back to the luxurious early 20th century (with a modern twist).  Our event took place in the hotel's Grand Lobby with a breathtaking view of the ocean.


Michelle Le Sage, General Manager of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, welcomed WoW to the waterfront luxury hotel and residence. Prior to the event, the hotel's staff offered WoW Members guided tours of the grounds and the interior of the resort. The OBBH's catering team showcased their talent for the benefit of our discerning palettes.


After our opportunity to network with our sister businesses, WoW Members began the event by formally introducing ourselves to one another. We offered a tidbit of info about our respective businesses and our areas of expertise.

As the winner of last month's draw prize, Jo Ann Hirschi (below, far left) from Tiers of Joy Cakes took the floor to talk about her business. A member of WoW since April 2013 and a two-time Showcase Sponsor, Jo Ann shared that she has received 5 direct referrals from WoW Members. 

At next month's event, we will hear from Hardip Johal, owner of Magical Moments Decorating. She was the winner of the prize draw at this month's event.


We transitioned into the learning portion of the evening event. We each selected an Easter egg to "hatch", which let us know which trend group we would be starting with.


We then broke out into our four groups and shared our knowledge in each of the four general categories. We brainstormed our ideas, and moved throughout the room to continuing sharing our expertise. Keep reading to see WoW's summary of the most significant wedding trends for 2014.  


  • Leave a Trace: trailing bouquets, ribbons
  • Floral Décor: floral table runners, garden style themes, garlands, monograms in floral or moss
  • Wearable: floral crowns, flowers woven into hair styles, simple or berry boutonnieres
  • Flourished Bouquets: brooches to embellish,  styled bouquet handles, a brides bouquet that can be separated into multiple bridesmaids' bouquets
  • Natural and Wild: greens, ferns, natural elements like feathers
  • Old School: babies' breath


  • Natural, Rustic Elements: wood rounds, burlap, trees
  • Lush and Luxurious: textured fabrics, old silver, sequin table cloths, diamonds and pearls, draped tents
  • Details Details: chair sachets, a touch of sparkle and gold, frames
  • Pastel Palettes: blush, pinks
  • A Little Edge: black accents
  • Vintage Chic: Great Gatsby inspiration 


  • Mad Men Style: cat's eye makeup with pink lips, berry lips, bold brows, retro waves
  • Less is More: beautiful skin, no bronzer, natural makeup
  • Colour Me Pretty: peaches & oranges, pastel eye makeup, jewel tones, coloured manicures
  • Au Naturel: floral crowns, loose or fishtail braids, unstructured buns and messy updos, pony tails
  • Stylishly Bohemian: headpieces, hair jewelry
  • Turn Up the Volume: big, voluptuous hair
  • Manicured Men: well-groomed, manicured beards


  • Classic Kate Middleton: sleeves, lace, floor length, lace gloves
  • Avant Garde Bride: crop tops, two-piece dresses, knee-length skirts, no veils, sequined bodices, gold undertones rather than cool classic white
  • The Frugal Bride: budget wedding gowns from major retailers like H&M
  • Neat Feet: comfortable shoes, bare feet
  • Bright Bridesmaids: mint, coral, blush or jewel tones
  • Interesting Individuality: bridesmaids in a variety of dresses; in same tones or patterns to create uniformity
  • The Modern Groom: tailored suits, navy blue or grey rather than default black, contemporary styling in footwear, bowties, pocket squares, fun socks
  • Conversation-Starters: birdcage accessories, tutus 


  • Playful Photos: photo booths, photo lounges
  • First Look: formal photos before the wedding, and on display at the main event
  • Get Social: real time posting on social media using photo apps, Instagram, event hashtags
  • Interactive Guests: crowdsourced scrapbooking or photo guest book, arrival photos


  • Pop Culture Nods: Game of Thrones, Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey 
  • Take it Literally: Mad Hatter
  • Keep it Natural: rustic, woodland, bring the outdoors in 
  • Small Scale: intimate celebrations, destination weddings, DIY, "no theme" theme
  • Down Home: southwest style, barbecue, farm/barn venue

 Food & Drinks

  • Share Plates: rustic barbecue, Tuscan family style, cocktail party, tapas, picnics, "strolling suppers"
  • Considerate Cuisine: organic, local, gluten-free, dairy-free, seafood
  • Retro/Vintage: tea parties, classic cocktails, old-fashioned drinks, vintage desserts
  • Sweet Treats: macaroon towers, donuts, candy bars, ice cream trucks, frozen yogurt bars, dessert bars
  • Casual Fare: food trucks, s'mores, late night snacks, "strolling suppers"
  • Edible Favours: homemade jams, local honey
  • Clubhouse Tipples: whiskey bar, rum bars, flavoured rums, craft beer
  • Cocktail Hour: signature cocktails, culinary creations, personalized drinks


  • Reframing Tradition: cake pops, cupcakes, naked "no-icing" cakes
  • A Nod to Nature: wooden rounds, live floral flourishes
  • Colour Wash: ombre cakes
  • Signature: personalized cake toppers

Need more ideas about Wedding Trends in 2014? Read this article.


Speaking of hatching something new, event attendees had the pleasure of meeting Founder Sharon Rai's gorgeous baby girl. Naiva made her debut appearance, along with proud papa, Kal.


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