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A (Garden) Path to Discovery with WoW

Posted By Victoria WoW June 19th, 2014

WoW's June event welcomed members and guests to discover a new path - within ourselves and our relationships, and within a few of Victoria's best kept secrets.

Victoria is famous for our gardens, and the Garden at HCP (Horticultural Centre of the Pacific) is no exception. Director of Sales and Marketing Lisa Ballinger provided background information about this burgeoning attraction. Ten acres of cultivated gardens teeming with native plant species is nestled amongst the thirty-five acres of natural foliage belonging to this non-profit educational centre. The HCP encompasses another ninety acres of conservation land. Needless to say, there are many gorgeous niches on the property that would be ideal locations for an outdoor wedding.

We gathered in the Couvlier Pavilion for an evening of learning and discovery. The recently-built Pavilion, boasting telltale West Coast architecture, is available for wedding receptions, or as an option if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. 

We discovered that Victoria Vintage China Rentals offers more than just antique cups and saucers. Owner and WoW Member Josephine Hoskins outfitted the venue with vintage décor. She showcased a  lacy photo backdrop at the venue entrance and a variety of vintage themes on each table, including popular design themes such as 50's retro, rustic country chic, and organic woodsy motif (apparently her husband's favourite as he gets to use his chainsaw!).

We also discovered the mix-master stylings of new WoW Member DJ RecordC. Evidently, our beat-mixing DJ also moonlights as a dentist by day! Also known as Dr. Amarjot S. Sajan, his dental practice offers cosmetic dentistry to anyone (including brides and grooms before their big day) wanting to enhance their smile.

The evening's main event was brought to us by guest speaker Anna Harvey. Anna had previously made her mark as a communications expert and publisher for Wedding Bells magazine; she now owns BOOST Communications, a consulting firm in which she helps clients ignite their potential to uncover their personal and professional passions. One of the key tools she uses in her methodology is called Lumina Spark, an enlightening workshop that enables business owners, teams and individuals to communicate and connect more effectively with others.

Anna offered the WoW Community (and for the first time - our guest Brides and their party members) a snapshot of the Lumina Spark workshop. By selecting statements that applied most accurately to ourselves, we explored our own personality types on the Lumina spectrum (Red, Yellow, Green or Blue). Anna grouped each of us into our corresponding colours around a floor map (think a giant game of Twister), and described the general characteristics of each personality type.

RED: decisive, direct, assertive, action- and task-oriented, purposeful

YELLOW: animated, out-going, excitable, talkative, free-flowing ideas

GREEN: craves harmony, diplomatic, collaborative, agreeable, thoughtful

BLUE: reserved, contained, process-oriented, observational, attention to detail

>>> To gain more insight about the Lumina Spark program and personality types, check out this infographic.

Anna asked us to consider the possible challenges or opportunities each of us might face when interacting with someone of a different personality type than our own. She suggested that when we hone our instincts to instantly identify the characteristics of the distinct personality types, we can choose to interact, communicate and connect in more effective ways. She illustrated examples of how these observations can apply when working with our clients (i.e. DO give a BLUE lots of data and facts to help make a decision) or when building personal relationships, as in with your new mother-in-law or spouse (DON'T be wishy-washy with decision-making with a RED).

Following this interactive workshop, event attendees were given an opportunity to put our new skills to the test. We partnered with a different personality type, and collaborated on a scavenger hunt to discover the hidden treasures in the Gardens. As with all WoW Events, the chance to get to know one another in a creative and engaging way was the highlight of the June Event.


For our upcoming summer events, we are developing creative ways to involve 2015 Brides and Grooms. Our intention is to showcase WoW Member Businesses as their first choices as they begin to make their big decisions. This is your opportunity to put your business in front of your potential clientele, so contact WoW to become a Showcase Sponsor for upcoming events.

Our July event features a wine-tasting at De Vine Vineyards. We know how hard you are working in the height of this wedding season, so come take a break with us! And please feel free to invite some of your 2015 Brides - have them email to register. 

>>> Get more information about our next event, or better yet RSVP now!


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