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WoW Members Become Superheroes at our September Networking Event

Posted By Victoria WoW September 17th, 2014

Our WoW September 'All in the Family' Networking Event was a big hit, thanks to Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre, a fabulous talk from Dawn McCooey, and added bonuses from some new members. After a busy summer wedding season, this inspiring morning was just what we needed, to make new connections and reassess our business strategies going forward.

Like we've come to expect from Ambrosia, their beautiful venue provided the perfect backdrop for networking and a great time. We enjoyed delicious appies and tours from Owner, Guy Le Monnier. Already a fixture in downtown Victoria, Ambrosia will soon be unveiling a new Cafe. Lucky for us, WoW members received gift certificates for it, and we can't wait to try it out.
 Of course, at WoW, we're a friendly bunch, and we love welcoming new members to our monthly events. This month we happily welcomed Brown’s the Florist, TL Creative, and Daisy Chain Florists. Tess Lucas of TL Creative took all the beautiful photos captured here - as you can see, she's a talented and passionate photographer, and she offers lifestyle portrait photography sessions, engagement and wedding packages, and fun, classy Boudoir events. She also offers complimentary consultation for all her sessions.

We were also thrilled that Daisy Chain Florists provided all these stunning rose centrepieces. They've been making stunning arrangements since 1976, arranging flowers, plants, floral tributes and wedding bouquets with care, attention and a guarantee of quality. Clearly, we're so happy to have these new members on board!! 

Our 'All in the Family' event focused on ways to foster positive working environments and relationships with our staff, so important of course for small businesses. The Women's Enterprise Centre generously presented Business Advisor Dawn McCooey, an expert who has worked in the adult training and development field for over 20 years, as our guest speaker. We were expecting Dawn to be informative, but had no idea to expect this superhero!

The Women's Enterprise Centre is a fantastic resource, for our Members and for our entire business community. With their dedicated team, workshops and seminars and successful loan and guidance service, they have become the leading business resource centre in our province for women starting, purchasing or growing a small business. Dawn presented a seminar, focused on growing your business. 


Dawn explored crucial practices for growth, like employee grooming and retention, and she outlined strategies to help us all unleash our inner Superhero. This is so critical in our competitive industry, as we all need to show clients exactly why we're the 'superhero' they need to pull off their dream weddings. We were all busy taking notes during Dawn's talk and so grateful she joined us.

Specifically, before attempting to grow your business, Dawn covered 5 key areas to explore:

  • Why do you want to grow your business? You might have personal or business reasons to want to grow - but it's important to know exactly what they are.
  • How do you want to grow your business? There's more than one way to grow. You can look to increase sales, increase profits, do both, or simply maintain. Knowing how you want to grow will help determine your next steps.
  • What does your business need to grow? Assess your business, to determine key areas of operations that are working, and where you can improve.
  • What do YOU need to do to grow? It's not only about your business' bottom line. Personal growth plays a role here (remember the Superhero?). Growing your business is extremely demanding, and you need to be personally 'in the right place' to be able to do it well.
  • Next steps: After asking yourself all these questions, it's time to step back to determine what you need, professionally and personally, to grow - and then determine what your next steps will be.

If you missed this talk - don't worry. The Women's Enterprise Centre has lots of great resources on their website, too. We're also happy to now offer a chance to win a one-on-one session with Dawn. All WoW Members can enter our draw, by sharing one of our Island Stay Getaway Facebook photos on their own page. And remember, this new contest is a great way to create 'buzz' and let Victoria know about all the great services our beautiful WoW members offer. We're promoting the contest on our multiple platforms each day – if you see our posts, please share and help spread the word!


Ambrosia also generously donated two Gift Certificates to a draw for two lucky members. We're sure Gwen Ewart of Gwen Ewart Photography and Josephine Hoskins from Victoria Vintage China Rental can't wait to enjoy lunch at the new Ambrosia Cafe.


To continue our 'All in the Family' theme, we sent everyone on their merry way with sweet mason jars filled with chocolate chip pancake mix. They're perfect for the next lazy Sunday morning spent with loved ones at home – or, for bringing to share with your co-workers, for that matter!

Thanks again to Ambrosia for another great event. Thanks to Dawn and the Women's Enterprise Centre for the fabulous morning of great mentorship. Thanks to Tess Lucas for jumping right in and taking such great photos – we can't wait to see more. And thanks to Daisy Chain Florists for the beautiful centrepieces.

We're definitely a community at WoW, and it's sponsorships from our members that make our events great. To sponsor an upcoming event, please see here

Finally, we're excited to announce our next event - and it's a big one, because we'll once again be welcoming lovely 2015 brides to party-down and speed-network at Joe the Bartender. Members - as you know, the more brides the merrier, so please start reaching out through your clients and social media, as we ask that you each bring a bride with you. Trust us - it's going to be a great time, and your brides will appreciate the invite! RSVP here, and remember to please keep sharing our Island Giveaway pictures whenever you see them.

And if you joined us this September, please let us know in the comments - what was your favourite part of Dawn's talk? How have you been implementing her ideas into your business strategy?


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