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WoW Toasts Another Successful Wedding Season

Posted By Victoria WoW October 22nd, 2014

A Fun Evening


Wedding industry professionals converged on Joe the Bartender Ltd. & Connoisseur Catering this October, to network, meet brides, and toast another successful wedding season. In our host's stunning and newly renovated banquet facility and club bar, we all relished the chance to indulge and learn a little bit about mixology and food and drink pairings, too.

Joe the Bartender Ltd. & Connoisseur Catering is a family-owned and -operated company that provides premium special event services, including a wide range of bar-tending experiences, catering and event planning. Their beautiful new location on Gorge Street East can accommodate birthday parties, weddings, pre-wedding activities like bachelorettes and rehearsals – and, clearly, a large group of WoW members and guests ready to mingle and network, mixing business with pleasure. We enjoyed drinks at the bar first and delicious appetizers, too. The weather was cold and wet, but we warmed up quickly in the beautiful space. The decor was perfect, the food was perfect, the company was perfect.


Everyone loves a Mixology lesson, but as wedding industry professionals we found ours particularly enlightening, as our hosts explored the many benefits of having a signature drink at weddings. This growing trend is certainly one we can get behind!


October's event was also giveaway-happy, including a huge gift basket, won by one of our lovely brides, featuring wines, cheeses, crackers, chocolates and more goodies. Fall boutiques were also won by Sarah Daviau from Weight Watchers and Am Sajan from DJ RecordC. And we all parted with a mouth-cleansing grasshopper shot (yes, please!) and a beautiful, autumn mason jar. Our hosts really went above and beyond to make sure all had a fantastic time, and we're so grateful they did.

Shaken or Stirred?

Who said imbibing can't be educational? Thanks to Joe the Bartender Ltd. & Connoisseur Catering, our mixology sesh was one we won't soon be forgetting: à la James Bond, we finally were able to answer the eternal question for ourselves – shaken or stirred?

Our hosts set up stations at their club bar, and demonstrated the difference between 'aggravated' and 'non-aggravated' drinks. It's the age-old 'shaken or stirred' debated, and Wowies now have first-hand knowledge about which we prefer best! 

It's Not What You Drink, It's How You Drink It!

A special and illuminating part of our evening at Joe the Bartender Ltd. & Connoisseur Catering was their food and drink pairings – delectable demonstrations of how to entertain well without breaking the bank. We learned that when paired with the just the right dark chocolate, cheap red wine can taste like the most exquisite, most expensive bottle you've had. The same goes for white wine paired correctly with fruit. It was eye-opening and gob-smacking, another fun tidbit we were happy to take home with us.

Our hosts also treated us with beer from Vancouver Island Brewery, paired with Bourbon Glazed Meatballs and stunning canapés. 

Quick Connections

After our crash course in all things mixology, the doors opened to reveal a beautiful new banquet space, providing a lovely intimate setting for our quick connections with brides and grooms. With full bellies and great company, we all enjoyed practicing our pitches with these lovely couples. It's important to be able to let potential guests know right away why they need you, and we always welcome a chance to practice our speed-networking skills.

Cheers to Autumn


Autumn is so beautiful in Victoria, and this year's has been particularly stunning. For wedding industry professionals, it's also a little more quiet after a busy summer season, and a great time to regroup and focus on our business plans going into the new year. We all loved the chance to reconnect this October, toast the season, and plan together for the next. And please stay tuned to our WoW blog, as we'll be exploring strategies for making your business truly shine.

Thanks again to Joe the Bartender Ltd. & Connoisseur Catering for hosting the perfect evening. And thanks to Surveet Johal for the lovely photos of our event. Our WoW events couldn't happen without our amazing sponsors, and we couldn't share them without our amazing photographers. Please get in touch if you'd like to be involved with upcoming events.


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