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Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Find New Inspiration for your Blog

February 26th, 2015


We all know we should be blogging more, because blogs help us connect with current and potential clients, and they make our websites more visible in search engines. In our social media and content-rich world, blogging is now a must-do.

Unfortunately, though, being a must-do doesn't always make something an easy-to-do, especially for those among us who hated English class. But we've got you covered!

A good content strategy is about creating value for your readers, not just showcasing your great company (although it should do that, too!). You want to build long-term relationships with potential clients, by creating content they trust and want to follow.

So here are 5 great, ever-green resources you can use when you're stuck. They'll help keep your content strategy fresh and engaging, so you never have to struggle with blog topics again. 

And remember, being authentic and writing in your own voice is better than a stuffy, grammatically correct post that's ultimately really boring. Don't obsess about writing the perfect post. Find inspiration from these 5 sources, be yourself, and have fun! 

Your Expertise

You book brides because you have proven expertise in your field. They trust you to guide them through their decision making process for the biggest day of their lives. No doubt, if you've made it this far, you're an expert and you've learned a lot. And that means you have lots of wisdom to share.

Think about your best and worst business experiences. What did you learn from them? What advice do you have to offer brides to help them avoid pitfalls in the future? What do they need to know to have the perfect day?

Current trend pieces are also popular, especially in the wedding content world. Brides want to know exactly what's in fashion – use your blog to help them navigate the latest crazes. You'll be helping them with valuable content, and setting yourself up as an expert they can trust.


Your Employees

Don't put all the weight on your shoulders – your employees certainly have lots of expertise and lots to offer, too. That's why you hired them, after all!

Have a brainstorming session, and see if they have any ideas that can be turned into great blog posts. Who knows – you might even have a budding blogger on staff.


Your Clients

We've already written about using your FAQs to come up with blog topics, and it's worth reiterating. Every time a client asks you or an employee a question, write it down. These questions make for exactly the type of blog posts that you should be writing.

And if your clients are happy to share pictures of their special day with you, use them to make posts that showcase the beautiful work you do. This is a great way to bolster your portfolio and your blog at the same time.

You'll find that your clients will also help you with your marketing. Include pictures of your beautiful brides and grooms in your posts, and they'll want to share those posts on their own social media. It's a great way to make new connections, with no extra effort on your part.


Your Community

Nothing wrong with checking out your colleagues' work for a little inspiration! See what others in your niche are doing – both small and local companies, and the bigger, national brands, too. What types of problems are they tackling in their content? What types of posts are they writing?

You need look no further than your fellow WoW Members for this type of inspiration. Many have active, regular blogs. Deanna McCollum Photography and Evergreen Bound Films, for example, both use their blogs to show off recent work in a stunning way, and De Vine Vineyards has a beautiful collection of value-added articles to help tourists enjoy their region more. And we love Elise Tonn Design's 'Behind the Seams' blog, where WoW Member Britney King shares all the ins and outs of her design business.

It's also a good idea to talk to your colleagues and see what issues they're facing and what their clients are asking. See how they approach their content strategy and learn from it. Hint, hint: there's no better time or place to do this with fellow wedding industry professionals than at our monthly events!



Your Own Blog

And finally, don't forget about you! If you've already been blogging for any amount of time, you've probably built up a nice catalog of content. There's nothing wrong with refreshing old content to make it more relevant, and then sharing it again. We did this recently with a time management post that we knew was timely and could still help our Members

Hopefully, you have Google Analytics on your website (if you don't have it yet, see how to get your tracking code here). Use your Analytics to find out what your most popular posts are. Those are probably the best ones to revamp.

And remember, practice makes perfect. Your blog will get better over time, just like you'll find it easier and easier to come up with good ideas. Make a very do-able posting schedule – maybe that's just 1-2 blog posts a month to start. But stick with it: a blog with helpful, authentic pieces written by you and your employees is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd, now and in the long term.

Want to learn even more about blogging and taking your content strategy to the next level? Then join us at The Butchart Gardens on March 10, 2015, when award-winning author and blogger Mike Wicks will be sharing his proven strategies for attracting clientele through blogging. All wedding industry professionals in the Greater Victoria Area are welcome. Please find more details and RSVP here.


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