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Our 5 Favourite Wedding Trends for 2015!

April 3rd, 2015

The only thing better than Spring in Victoria? Why, the latest Spring Wedding Trends, of course! WoW is an alliance of the best wedding professionals in the city, so we pride ourselves on being 'in the know' about all things bridal. So, if you're looking for the hottest trends of the season, we've got you covered. Here's our top 5 favourite wedding trends coming up this season.

1. Rustic Decor

Call it shabby chic or rustic elegance, this trend is inspired by the country and lends a fun, relaxed air to any wedding. Think mason jars, burlap, simple flower arrangements and personalized touches. Farm and western influences and vintage dresses come together for the carefree couple uninspired by more traditional wedding themes.

2. Local & Seasonal

Many young couples today are concerned with sustainability and the environment, which spills over into their wedding choices, too. Expect the farm-to-table movement to be a big theme in many 2015 weddings, both in floral and food choices. Eco-minded couples will prefer local and regional choices whenever possible - thankfully, we have lots of great options here on bountiful Vancouver Island!  

Since pale flowers are on point this season, decorators can make them stand out by placing them in bold containers. Gold and silver are always staples, but copper and mercury glass are being used more and more. And as we approach summer and fall, we'll likely see less of the bold wildflower variety, and more classic colors. Baby's breath will also be very popular....again.


3. Muted Colours

This bridal season is waving good-bye to brights and embracing more monochromatic colour schemes. Expect pale flowers, neutral colors, royal blue and soft yellows and pinks to reign supreme this season. Ombre bridesmaid dresses are also becoming quite popular. And with little competition in the color arena, glitter will be providing a lot of the shine and sparkle factor in 2015.

And move over, gold and silver—there's a new metal in town! Copper decor is popping up more than ever before. From centrepieces to invitation fonts, this metal works from vintage brides to those who want to create an ultra glam mood.   

4. Off the Shoulder Dresses

Off the shoulder dresses are back, big time, for Spring and Summer 2015. We haven't seen them in a few years, but this year's designers have embraced the look and so have countless brides. These dresses are classic and sexy, and great for the fashion forward. It's part of an on-going trend - as less brides are opting to marry in traditional churches and ceremonies, they're able to show a little more skin than in the past. Off the shoulder dresses, peek-a-boo cut-outs, two piece dresses that show off the midriff and short gowns have all become fun ways to think outside the bridal box. 

Note that while weddings are becoming more informal, many brides still want that grand, sweeping train. But a long train needs to be bustled, and 100 pounds of dress can weigh down the dancing!  Detachable trains were seen all over the runway in the most recent bridal fashion week, and they're a great option. They're like clipable hair extensions: no commitment, and you can take it off when you really want to let loose. It's also like having two separate dresses because once you take the train off (as opposed to bustling it), it's a completely different look. 

5. Unique Venues

Clearly, today's couples are using their weddings as an opportunity to reflect their unique personalities. They're not afraid to explore non-traditional options, including in their venue choices. Restaurants, wineries, museums and barns are becoming increasingly popular, and we expect this trend will continue through 2015 and beyond.  These unique venues can sometimes come with a hefty price tag and require a lot of work, but they're great alternatives for the couple looking for non-traditional alternative to the old banquet hall options. 

Want to learn more about 2015 Wedding Trends? As wedding industry professionals, it's so important to be knowledgeable, so we can guide our clients well.  Join WoW for our upcoming 3rd Annual Spring and Summer Wedding Trends Workshop, this April 14th at the always popular Parkside Hotel and Spa

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