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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Start Using Pinterest for Business

May 3rd, 2015

One of our goals at WoW is to make marketing easier for our busy members, many of whom are solo entrepreneurs with little time to spare. And let's be honest – no matter what your role in the wedding industry, it seems like there's never enough time in the day to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. Sometimes, important tasks like social media marketing – so important for our long-term growth – are overwhelmed by more immediate, day-to-day concerns. So even if you know that you should be exploring new avenues like Pinterest, learning to use it can seem overwhelmingly daunting.

WoW is here to help! We've enlisted the always impressive JUHLi SELBy of JUHLi SELBy Social Media to join us next week, to show us the ins and outs of Pinterest. You've probably heard that Pinterest is the fastest growing social network, or that the vast majority of its users are female, making this a critical platform for wedding businesses. But knowing you should start, and knowing how to start (or, how if you have started, how to use it more effectively), can be two very different things.

So to get us all on the same page before meeting next week, we've complied this Pinterest Primer, sure to get you pinning in no time. Don't forget to join us next Tuesday (all wedding professionals in Victoria are welcome, and guests who join us will have a unique opportunity to join WoW at a discounted price). And keep reading to learn the 6 simplest ways to start pinning for business. 

1. Good Old Fashioned Goal Setting

This first step isn't just important for Pinterest. For all your marketing efforts, especially online, it's crucial to look before you leap. There are so many platforms out there, and so many reasons to join each one. It's easy to overextend yourself if you're not thinking strategically about your online presence. 

So, think about your goals first. Do you want to find new customers? Interact with existing ones? Drive visitors to your website? Form strategic alliances with like minded companies? Having a better idea of your goals for using Pinterest will help ensure you're using it effectively.

2. Get Personal

Trust us – after Tuesday's event, you're going to be ready and excited to dive into Pinterest. And it's not rocket science. But, with all its pins and boards and re-pins and profiles, it can get confusing. And Pinterest users have their own lingo and way of doing things.

That's why to keep your business from looking too much like newbies, it's a good idea to practice with a personal Pinterest account first. Use it for a week or two to get a feel for the Pinterest flow, and see what type of content tends to get repinned. That way, once you do set up your business page, you'll be better able to hit the ground running.

3. Set Up Your Business Profile

This step is critical. Whatever advice you take from us, remember this: Pinterest has a separate account type for businesses, and that's what you want to set up. If you're already on Facebook, then you're familiar with the differences that can exist between personal and professional accounts. It's going to be especially important for Pinterst, now that they allow Promoted Pins.

So start off your Pinterst journey on the right foot, but registering as a business – you can get your business account here.. You can also start the process of verifying your account (similar to verifying a Twitter account) to show fellow pinners that you're a trustworthy source. Learn how to verify your site here.

And if you're not registered as a business yet, don't sweat it. Converting your account is simple – find instructions here.

4. Create a Killer Profile

Again, if you're familiar with Facebook, then you know it's important to maximize the space provided to you, to let users know about how great your company is. With Pinterest, you'll have a similar area to describe your business, and you get to chose your own profile picture. Your profile picture should be 200x200 pixels, and try to use bold, bright colours if possible.

And when writing about your profile, don't forget to include the enticing reasons why people should actually bother to follow you!

5. Pin Away

Now that you've learned the ropes and set up your killer profile, the fun can begin - it's time to start pinning! It's probably best to start off with 3 boards or so. Remember that Pinterest isn't about showing off – it's about curation. So not every one of your boards should be about you. Start off with one of your first boards featuring some aspect of your business, but leave the other two for other fun categories your customers might care about.

Make sure to re-pin, follow other pinners, and engage with your audience - as with all the other platforms out there, you want to keep the 'social' in 'social media.' We also recommend that you use an application like Blogstomp (what we use) or find a free service like PicMonkey to add small logos to your own company pictures you share – hopefully, your photos will be re-pinned over and over again, and you want to make sure future viewers know they're yours.

Start off with a simple goal for yourself, like pinning once a day, or for 5 minutes a day. You're probably going to find Pinterst is a vortex, though – it's fun, and once you start, you might find yourself enjoying it (and spending more time pinning than you should!).

And finally, Pinterest offers a 'Pin It' button you can add to your browser, which will make it easier for you to Pin, even when you're just browsing the web.

As a side note, your own website should also be optimized to make it easier for people to share your content on their own platforms. Friendly New Media is a local company that can help you get your website up to social media speed, and they're offering a 15% discount off all website, social media and content services for WoW Members. Because if you don't have social media integration on your website, and if you don't include 'pin it now' buttons on your content, then you're potentially missing out on some great sharing opportunities.

6. Shout It From The Digital Rooftops

After your three (or more!) boards have some good content, and you've started to get some followers, it's time to let the world know you're on Pinterest. Put Pinterest buttons on your website, write a blog post about your new social venture, and make sure you promote it on your other social channels. Your customers might not find you on Pinterest by themselves, so make sure you're letting everyone know about your great content.

And of course, the best thing you can do to get a leg-up on Pinterest is to come to our seminar next week. Don't forget to RSVP here, and WoW Members, remember: for every guest you bring, you'll get an extra entry in our door prize draws. Happy Pinning!


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