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Rock Your Vision for WoW

April 6th, 2016

Stacey Mitchell is a designer of authentic businesses and ideal lives. Ever since she was a young child, Stacey has had an inner drive to dream big and create plans to make those dreams come true. After leaving a strategic human resources position in 2012, Stacey joined forces, and eventual took over, the Directis Consulting Group Ltd.

A creative at heart, Stacey approaches business planning with an artistic and colourful bent. She typically works visually, whether it’s creating large scale visuals on a wall, vision boarding, or just doodling as she coaches. Coaching other creatives is her passion.

Stacey works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them design their businesses and paths to success in ways that work specifically for them. Rock You Vision is one of her premier programs (and passions).

Rock Your Vision is the starting place point for people with a dream that feels wildly impossible (a WIG). This program takes participants through the process of clearly envisioning their WIG, breaking it into smaller goals, and then creating real road maps to achieve them. It’s about participants moving from Dreaming into Doing in 6 short weeks.

Stacey is excited to be bringing Rock Your Vision to us here at WoW. This introductory session will be jam packed with information and actual “doing”… working on one of your WIGs and defining the first steps to achieving it.

Where would you like to be in your business in the next 3-5 years? What dream do you have that feels just out of reach?

During the 40 minute mini workshop, you’ll work to voice your WIG and translate it into a WHOLE and SMART goal. You’ll walk out the door with 2-3 clearly defined next steps for the next month, and an accountability partner to support your forward motion.

Think of how amazing it will feel to be able to say “yes, I’m moving towards achieving that WIG, and it’s not so scary afterall!”
A Little Bit More About Stacey
Stacey wears many hats: consultant, coach, mom, dreamer and adventurer. She typically has a set of multi-coloured pens stashed in her purse and her camera at the ready. Her career journey to date started in the tourism industry as a housekeeper and front desk agent in the Rockies. She then moved into sales and events planning, both in London, UK and here at home in BC, including at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. Then she branched into managing teams and tour packages for Intrawest. After 9-11 happened, Stacey went back to school with a focus on human resources and quickly settled herself into her dream job doing strategic human resource oriented work with large organizations. After the birth of her daughter, she made a short foray into professional photography (and quickly learned that earning money from an art form she loved made her passion fade) and then stepped back and refocused on doing the work that really makes her heart sing: helping others to show up and shine in ways that are authentic.

Stacey is an experienced human resources and strategic planning professional, trained graphic facilitator, and a certified Martha Beck life coach. Her walls are covered in vision boards and mementos of goals achieved (plus a lot of added drawing from her 5 year old daughter).

When she’s not coaching and consulting, Stacey runs a vacation home rental management company, Best Holiday Stays, and as a side hobby she geeks out about designing planners.

Her vision of her ideal wedding has changed a lot over the years. These days, when Mr. Right comes along, she looks forward to celebrating her nuptials in an intimate and natural setting. The images of a simple flowy dress, close loved ones celebrating, blue skies, a large shared farmers table under a lit up trees, great local food, and children running about and laughing make up her ‘wedding vision board.’

One of her big WIGs is to create a gathering place / retreat where groups will gather to learn and connect. The visuals on her wedding vision board are duplicated when she thinks about creating this amazing gathering space.

Stacey will be presenting and leading a creative workshop at our April Event. All wedding professionals in the Victoria area are invited to join us - in fact, we're even offering a 2-for-1 rate. To learn more or make a reservation, please see here.


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