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Harvest Time with WoW and Grow your Business

September 29th, 2017

What better way to kick off fall then with WoW’s harvest themed networking event at the Fairburn Springs Farm.  We want to send a big thank you to our Sponsors for showcasing their strengths and to our members who braved the rain to join us.






Lily of Earth’s Herbal brought some warmth into the evening, with her Apple Pie Bourbon Cocktail made with her Hot Apple Pie Tea.  A sweet and spicy combination, that is perfect for the fall. She showcased her local products and styles with hopes to showcase her hot tea bar, gifts and unique beverage cocktails to events like weddings and corporate groups. Don’t worry if you missed out, we got the recipe here

Our Sponsors

We want to send out a big thank you to Hattie Root Photography. Hattie, once again, went above and beyond in this month’s event, not only providing us with the gorgeous photos you see showcased, but bringing our attention to the beautiful venue and assisting WoW with our set up and takedown.  She is always willing and ready to help out our WoW members, say hello at the next event.

Speaking of getting to know our fellow members, why not stop in at
Brown’s the Florist. Did you know they have a team dedicated to weddings? They
flawlessly delivered the perfect harvest center piece, not only complementing
the theme but also our venue. 

Meanwhile Gala-Van Party rentals came through sharing their services of tables, chairs and linens that helped us facilitate our round table discussions.

We would like to send a thank you to Marie, for hosting WoW at their farm and to Country Crepes; a food truck like no other, filled with your choice of deliciousness. Look for them around town at your local market.


The Event

 After watching the weather all day, we were lucky enough to only get a sprinkling of rain, but that did not deter our guests; the drinks upon arrival were enough to warm us up. Apple Pie Bourdon Martinis, let us sip and savour the tastes of the harvest season while members networked and took in the landscapes of Fairburn Springs Farm.

Soon it was time to enjoy the delightful samplings from Country Crepes, a food truck that let members interact over customized, made to order crepes. Not sure if sweet or savory was your thing? No problem, Sylvie has you covered and many tried flavours of both.

While the weather held, WoW was able to take a private guided tour of the farm. Marie led guests on a tour, highlighting the future and potential of the venue and giving members time to stretch their legs ad reflect on the learned knowledge from our creative workshop.

Creative Workshop

Wondering what our members learned, Kally Khaira and Sharon Rai, from the WoW Team, led our workshop on seeding your business. Making this a great opportunity to build relationships, and strengthen business. 

This month’s creative workshop had WoW members sitting, round table style, discussing, seeking advice and networking.

Drawing on the ideas of fellow members; our members did what they did best, build each other up. It was wonderful hearing all the ideas flow and the discussions on how to create and grow among industry professionals. While each member took their own ideas with them, we do want to leave with you some of the wonderful ideas.

How you can seed your business?

  • What industry specific literature can assist you in marketing?
  • Set limits and expectations for the season.
  • Set up a vision, how and what steps are needed to achieve this

  • Do you sell a product, service? What does your inventory look like, and what will you need?
  • How can you reduce costs? Lower prices or locally sourced suppliers?
  • Focus on one thing?
  • What is your priority.

What steps are you able to take to achieve these goals?

  •  Share ideas, costs or space with likeminded people.

  • Join association, or organization that can support you growing your business ( not already a WoW Member?)

  • Get a program that can assist you in tracking clients, installations, client lists, rental needs. Review them for the year ahead

  • Do you have a dedicated space, dedicated time to grow your business?

  • Set up branding and marketing plans

  • Do you have a dedicated space, dedicated time to grow your business?

Once again our members took home a wonderful sample from our sponsors in the form of lovely gift bags.

CONGRATULATIONS to Britney King of Elise Tonn Designs for taking home our gift basket.

Our Next Event:

The Fairmont Empress invites WoW to join them as they showcase their newly renovated space. Joins us on October 24th at 10am and welcome back the “Return of the Queen”…RSVP here now and reserve your spot!

Member feedback:

“It was a wonderful event. I was glad to be able to introduce my company to our WoW members and seeing their faces light up when they tasted my cocktail made my day.” ~Lily Fawn, Earth’s Herbal



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