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A Royal Morning of Etiquette with WoW

October 30th, 2017

There is but a lonely few who live in Victoria and have never been inside this beautiful hotel and just this past May she was once again returned to her glory. The iconic Fairmont Empress opened their doors in 1908, over the next 100+ years she would be a landmark of the Victoria city skyline. This October WoW experienced the "Return of the Queen" up close and in person; spoiled by her hospitality, once again, indulging in fine treats and high tea, and learning the etiquette of the spa with Willow Stream Spa

Networking with Friends

What better way to start off a Tuesday morning then getting together to Network with fellow WoW members over a nice cup of tea or coffee in the newly renovated Bengal Room.  With so many memories in one room it was a lovely location to keep those friendships, business relations and new acquaintances mingling away. At WoW we've developed and fostered many meaningful relationships over the years, and being able to mingle and catch up in such a premier location, with such a stunning view, was really a treat. Thank you to Ra Photography Studio for capturing our morning.

High Treats

Of course, it wouldn't be a WoW Event if we didn't have some high-quality fare, and the Empress certainly delivered. Their High Tea is a must-do, and so we were more than happy to enjoy their exquisite coffee, special blends of teas, and delicate treats. The Empress serves more Afternoon Tea to more guests than most hotels in London, England with more than 400 people per day enjoying a tradition that commenced when the hotel opened January 20, 1908. If you ever attend Afternoon Tea at the Empress, be sure to try some of these creations.

Since this was a morning event, we had to keep our drinks family friendly, but we definitely enjoyed the many do's and don't of the tea service. Not only did we get to enjoy the many flavours The Empress catering offered, their lovely Chef's, Yogi and AJ, who have been preparing the scones for 25 years, spoke with WoW about the many wonders of pastry.  It really made you want to try everything on display, and we were happy to oblige.  


It was soon time to dive into a little Etiquette, for who doesn't like the do and don'ts of a experience. We got the full deal with the Do's and Don'ts of Tea Etiquette, along with a funny antidote or two. Such a wonderful presentation, engaging our members and the etiquette is not something we are apt to forget. Are favourites from the day:

DO spread a scone with cream first, then Jam.

DON'T use milk and lemon together in tea. The Citric Acid of the lemon will cause the milk to curdle.

DO eat the finger sandwiches with your hands. They are designed for and named after their purpose. Cakes tend to be more delicate and require at least a fork. A scone with cream and jam needs a guiding hand.

DON'T dunk your scone or biscuit in your tea.

With the tea warming are hearts, it was time to look forward to learning the art and etiquette of the Spa experience. One thing we could all use a little help remembering is it is important to take time for ourselves so we can regroup after a busy season and continue to give our clients the best we can offer.  Anita Voorsluys with Willow Stream Spa provided some in depth information on the etiquette of the spa experience. Here are the top 8 things you need to remember:

  1. Book the right treatment - Do your research before booking. Even better call the spa directly and ask questions.

  2. Arrive Early - Depending on the facilities, arrive at least 15 minutes early
  3. Ask Questions - These are professionals, this is what they do and are here for.
  4. Shhhh - To ensure respect, privacy and relaxation of others, use your spa voice in public areas. Turn off your phone or put it on mute in your locker.
  5. To Strip or not to Strip - Bathing suit? Undergarments? It is up to you.
  6. Tipping - Relax and enjoy, if you want to give a tip at the end, you can add it to the bill. Or in doubt, ask.
  7. Don't be insulted with home care recommendations -  Like any professional...this is their job.
  8. Don't be intimidated - Spas are places of wellness and relaxation.

Allan Nichols, of The Fairmont Empress also spoke to the group of the launch and rebrand of The Fairmont Empress; showcasing some of the wonderful promotional videos and letting WoW get the inside scoop.  Missed the event? watch their specular grand reopening event with Veuve Clicquot Garden Party at Fairmont Empress  and  Weddings at the Empress and see today's look.

Final Hurrahs

This was an extra special time for WoW to be at the Empress with the renovation being newly completed WoW definitely got to see how much care and love goes into this iconic landmark.

Like always, we never leave our WoW Events empty-handed. Tiffany Armstrong of the The Union Club of BC, walked away with her very own Vancouver Island Wedding Award Gala ticket in hand.  Along with some fabulous gift prizes for our members,  we all left with a gift certificate to the Willow Stream Spa, which we're sure will come in handy over the upcoming holiday season and some of the famous Empress Tea, that will no doubt keep us warm with the upcoming snow forecasted for town.

Thanks again to our amazing Showcase Sponsors: The Fairmont Empress, the Willow Stream Spa, for another lovely event. To our wonderful photographer Raj with Ra Photography Studio thank you for showcasing our event so beautifully.


Finally, we hope Members will mark their calendars for November 21, 2017. We're excited to be a sponsor of the Vancouver Island Wedding Awards Gala hosted at the Delta Hotels Ocean Pointe and Spa.

If any member wishes to donate to the Grand prize pack please contact WoW at


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