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Introducing Kally, Our New Director of Member Relations!

February 23rd, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

If you joined us for our 3 Year Anniversary at The Butchart Gardens, then you probably met Kally Khaira, our new Director of Member Relations. And if you met her, then you know why we're delighted to have her on board! Kally is tasked with helping meet the needs of all WoW members - old, new, and soon-to-be. And she's come on board at a critical time, as we grow and work to ensure we're exceeding our members' expectations.

We sat down with Kally to learn a little more about her, and why she's excited to join WoW. Please keep reading to see how she can help you make the most of WoW.

How did you come to get involved in WoW?  Can you tell us a little bit about your background? 

I've been in love with the wedding industry for quite sometime now. When Sharon Rai first came up with the concept of Victoria Women of Weddings, I thought it was an excellent platform to connect industry professionals.  So I was very intrigued, and have been following WoW since the beginning.  

When the opportunity to grow with WoW came along, I knew it was perfect for me.  I have a strong background in Public Relations, Communications and Strategic Planning - all of which compliments Sharon’s background in Business, Marketing and Sales.  I believe the WoW Team is perfectly suited to help with the growth of WoW, and the success of the community.    

What's your new role at WoW?  What contribution will you make?  

As the Director of Member Relations, my role will be to enhance member relations with the WoW Community, as well as increase and retain memberships.  My goal is to ensure each member receives a professional experience and excellent service.

I'll be ensuring WoW is supporting our members' business growth, through growing our referral outcome and also ensuring that we continue to promote members and their success via social media.  Social media is proving to be the evolution of marketing, but it requires an enormous amount of time to stay engaged with your audience in real time - this is where WoW can step in and make a big difference.

What excites you about WoW?  What are your long term goals for WoW? 

I'm so excited by the community that helped create WoW.  In my mind, WoW is the vehicle, and the members are the drivers.

I believe that our members are the biggest success of WoW. And joining WoW, allows me to ensure that the brides and grooms who work with our members are in the best of hands, ensuring each couple has a dream team for their weddings - and knows that WoW’s efforts have made their wedding experience the best. 

Our goal at WoW is to grow our network with the best of our industry. In my role, I will be supporting this goal, by engaging and supporting our current members.  We want our networking energy to yield direct referrals for our Community.  

My personal goal is to generate excitement for our businesses, and generate buzz for our word-of-mouth advertising. I want to connect leaders in the wedding industry who passionately pledge to uphold the VoW to WoW.  

What are some key things you think members can do to make the most of their WoW Membership?

As business professionals, we are busy.  We need our networking to work for us, to alleviate some of our marketing energy and resources.  I believe building relationships through face-to-face networking is effective for establishing your word-of-mouth advertising, especially when these networking events are targeted to your specific industry.  Attending our monthly events is key in my eyes - sharing, learning and being inspired by the best of the best.  

Members should come to as many WoW events as they can. This will help your business stay top of mind, and thrive in the wedding industry. Like a membership to organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Chambers of Commerce, an alignment with WoW means that you are recognized by your peers as a leader

What do you think makes a dream wedding? What are couples looking for when they choose wedding vendors?

In my eyes, a dream wedding features a relaxed, happy couple that is confident that their wedding day will go off without a hitch (no pun intended!).  I believe couples are looking for reassurance that they have selected superior quality products and services in their chosen field - so that they have a dream team of vendors who will make their wedding exactly what they dreamt it to be.  WoW makes it easy to connect with couples, display your affiliation, and promote your business directly to your clientele.  

When and why should members or people interested in joining WoW reach out to you? How can they do so? What can they expect?

I strongly encourage all members to connect with me.  Let me help with the challenge of deciding how to allocate your precious time, energy and money in your marketing efforts - and to help you measure your return on investment. And I can help your business take advantage of all the invaluable marketing incentives WoW offers, too.   

With WoW, members have the ability to target their marketing efforts, so that they can directly result in more business for you. There is no other networking group that will offer you the calibre of marketing tools and relationship-building opportunities for businesses in our niche wedding industry.

Think of WoW as your own personal, super-powered marketing machine.  And let me show you what we can do for you.  Whether you are new to WoW, want to join WoW, or a current member, please feel free to email me or call me directly, at

Let me know how we can WoW you - this checkin is vital for us as it helps us focus and strategically plan ahead to meet your needs.  My personal commitment is to provide exceptional customer service - just like our members do for their discerning brides and grooms.

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