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Brand your business and watch it BLOOM!

Posted By Victoria WoW March 19th, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

What better place to be inspired to bloom our businesses than in the always breathtaking Butchart Gardens? For our March event, Victoria Women of Weddings welcomed the coming of Spring at Victoria's most renowned tourist attraction. Sales and Event Specialist Sarah Barnum and her talented team showcased the splendor of the Gardens. We began our insider tour in the indoor Spring Prelude Garden, where we got a sneak peak at the blossoms expected in their spring season. The fragrance was delightfully intoxicating, and the flowers were so beautiful it was hard to believe they were real.

WoW's 1st Year in Review | Part 5, Goals for our 2nd Year

Posted By Victoria WoW February 13th, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

In our second year, WoW's grand vision is to keep the momentum going that we have started. We are continuing our mandate to provide our members with opportunities to network, learn, showcase, share, and celebrate. We endeavour to walk our walk and talk our talk, so here are our goals for the coming year.

WoW's 1st Year in Review| Part 4, Sharing, Giving Back, and Celebrating

Posted By Victoria WoW February 13th, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

Throughout our events, on our website, and through social media, WoW Members shared their creativity, ideas and expertise with one another. We were incredibly generous with our giveaways and prize baskets, and with our willingness to refer one another to our clients.

WoW's 1st Year in Review | Part 3, Showcasing

Posted By Victoria WoW February 13th, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

In WoW's original vision, we knew our events would be the hub of our connection as a networking group. However, we wanted our events to be more than a social gathering. We wanted each event to be an experiential showcase of what we do best Each event would echo some kind of wedding event - a ceremony, a reception, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, etc. Our events' Showcase Sponsors would have the opportunity to give members and guests a taste of their products and services. For our Venue Sponsors, event-goers would be able to take in the atmosphere and the amenities that make each venue unique. By experiencing first-hand our Sponsors offerings, we would be better able to recommend one another to our clients. Here are the highlights of our events throughout the year, and the Showcase Sponsors' offerings that made each event spectacular.

WoW's 1st Year in Review | Part 2, Learning

Posted By Victoria WoW February 12th, 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

One of our biggest priorities for Women of Weddings is to provide our Members with opportunities to sharpen their skills and knowledge in every aspect of our unique industry . We used our blog to share insightful information on weddings such as upcoming trends in the wedding industry, the world of cultural traditions in weddings, and tips for hosting a green wedding or an untraditional bachelorette party. We shared networking tips like how to network effectively, how make a great first impression, and why referrals are so important to building relationships with other WoW Members. We consulted with experts to learn more about how to give outstanding customer service, how to land your ideal clients, and how to create and achieve your business goals. At our events, we invited some compelling guest speakers to share their passion and expertise. Here are some of our favourite learning moments from our first year.