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What's SPRINGING up in Wedding Trends for 2014? Here are our TOP TEN PICKS!

Posted By Victoria WoW April 1st, 2014

10 Wedding Trends for 2014

We love spring! It's not just the cherry blossoms, the sound of birds chirping, and the bon voyage to winter weather. It's the fact that Spring signifies in the wedding industry a brand new season. Here are WoW's freshest picks for what's trending for the discerning Bride in 2014.


1. Two-piece wedding dresses

Separates are an emerging trend this season, some even featuring a bare midriff for the fit and fashion-forward brides. Britney King from Elise Tonn Designs is in the midst of crafting this unique dress that is sure to be a conversation piece. This custom design also incorporates a knee-length skirt with side pockets, both elements trending big on runways in 2014. *Original drawing by Britney King


2. Match your music to your theme

For detail-oriented couples who want to create an authentic experience from every perspective, matching appropriate music to their theme is a must. Think live bluegrass band for a country wedding, or a 20s era big-band playlist for the ever-popular Gatsby-esque theme.


3. Donations in lieu of favours

Eco-conscious couples have spearheaded such sustainable favours as seed packets, herb starters and plant-able saplings. For couples with socially responsible values, making a donation to their favourite charity in lieu of wedding souvenirs is a spirit-lifting option.


4. Family style food 

The revival of the family table at wedding receptions is a trend that is not just budget-friendly. In our ever-increasingly hurried world, food served family style is also a nostalgic reminder of quality time breaking bread with those we love. *Photo by Deanna McCollum




5. Indoor/Outdoor Décor 

In 2014 many couples are craving natural or rustic décor that takes its inspiration from our environment. In design trend in general, we have been craving bringing the outdoors in, while we create "outdoor rooms" to create indoor comfort under the stars. For outdoor weddings, decorators are heeding requests for conversation vignettes positioned strategically throughout the venue. *Photo by Rita Steenssens


6. Floral crowns

Speaking of incorporating natural elements, Tara McHugh from Tara McHugh Flora has noticed many brides requesting floral crowns, whether soft and sweet or big and bold. These are a stunning alternative to a bejeweled tiara, and can be work with or without a veil to suggest romance and femininity. *Photos courtesy of Two Tiny Elephants.




7. Undressed wedding cakes 

Perhaps this trend is a nod to simplicity, or perhaps this is a proactive move by nutrition-conscious brides who want to spare themselves and their guests the extra calories. Whatever the inspiration, icing-free cakes are definitely an emerging trend this year.





8. Fun, casual wedding photos

Traditional wedding photography is not going anywhere. But couples also want to supplement their formal shots with more candid and playful pictures. Photo booths continue to be a mega trend at wedding celebrations. Social media-savvy couples are also urging their guests to broadcast photos in real-time to sites like Instagram. *Photo by Four Frames Photo Booth



9. Cat's eyes 

For bridal makeup, Sharon Rai of Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry notes that cat's eye makeup paired with nude or berry-stained lips are a classic trend. With the upturned corners of the cat's eye, brides' eyes appear more sultry and wide-set in photos, and this style suits nearly every woman's eye shape.



10. Soft, romantic braids

Red carpet style is always a reliable indicator of what chic brides will be asking for each season. Like floral crowns, loose braids that frame the face are a more feminine, relaxed, and romantic approach to bridal style in 2014. 






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