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WoW Puts First Things First :: Thank You!

Posted By Victoria WoW October 15th, 2013

Women of Weddings has much to be grateful for, and even though we are still tackling our turkey leftovers, we wanted to continue the spirit of Thanksgiving. We extend a sincere thanks to our talented team of Showcase Sponsors: Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre, Details Special Event Planning & Décor, and Deanna McCollum Photography. We also offer gratitude to our inspiring spotlight speaker, Deb Alcadinho, who shared her experience and wisdom. And last but not least, we express our appreciation to our many WoW Members who enthusiastically support our events every month.

Our last was a first: our October event brought together WoW Members for our first evening of networking, learning, showcasing and sharing. In contrast to our past events that usually take place late morning, we were able to linger a little longer after the event had wrapped. Without pressing work obligations to rush back to meant that we could relax and enjoy the evening.

What is your preference for WoW Events - morning, evening, or ?? Let us know! 

To start our evening, we gathered in the foyer of the Ambrosia Conference & Event Centre to enjoy refreshments and reconnect with our community members. WoW Member Kitchens of Distinction is getting ready to celebrate the grand opening of their Boutique Bistro within Ambrosia, taking place on October 28th.

As we entered the Ambrosia's main hall, our first "first impression" was of a fall wedding celebration. Sandy Yoachim from Details Special Event Planning & Décor had transformed one portion of the room into an autumn wedding altar complete with a romantic archway.

Sandy styled the rest of the room to remind us that a wedding reception is a perfect time to rehearse our networking skills. The décor reflect the ambiance of the fall season, in rich copper and bronze tones.


The gorgeous centrepieces were unmistakably autumn-inspired, and the warm glow of the lights cast an intimate hue on the entire event.





















While we mingled at our tables, Guy Le Monnier's gracious team at Ambrosia served champagne cocktails and scrumptious appetizers, family-style.

Deanna McCollum
from Deanna McCollum Photography captured the beautiful atmosphere and captivating moments in her photos throughout the event. All photos featured in this blog post are Deanna's work.

Once the formal networking wrapped up, we settled into our seats to listen to WoW’s special guest.

Our spotlight speaker, Deb Alcadinho, offered her presentation on The Golden Rules of Networking from beneath the "golden arch". As the founder of Westshore Women's Business Network, Deb certainly knows a thing or two about making a great first impression when attending any function, whether a wedding or a networking event.

Deb emphasized that the purpose of networking is to create connections and build relationships. By considering every moment you walk out your door as an opportunity to network, you are building your company's brand and your personal brand. This, says Deb, is precisely why you MUST take the time to ensure you make a great first impression - by the way you walk & talk, present yourself, shake hands, make eye contact. Deb even gave us another great use for a panty liner! (Stick it to the inside armpit of your blouse to absorb excess perspiration…genius!)

For those of you who missed Deb's informative talk, here is a summary of her tips to approach networking in a new way:

1. Recognize that working ON your business is just as important as working IN your business. A very wise woman, Pauline Penner from JumpStart Business Solutions, said that! Networking is an exercise in working ON your business. If you are always working in your business and never get out there to meet new customers, you may not experience the growth you are looking for.

2. Networking is NOT about selling, it’s about building relationships. It is about WHAT YOU CAN DO to help others. If you push your products and services upon others you will turn them off and they will tune you out or avoid you altogether

3. Networking is a very effective and cost effective way of advertising. You are controlling the message. Networking advertises you, your personal brand and your company. But be careful you don’t attend networking events to sell, sell, sell.

4. Treat networking as a learning opportunity to discover the business needs of others and how you can help them.

5. Treat networking as an extension of your business day. You are there to NET work. Set the time aside and commit to it. It’s not an extra, it’s essential.

Many WoW Members expressed their delight with Deb's presentation. Clearly, she made a great first impression on us. We can't wait to have her back! In the meantime, Deb invites all WoW Members to check out WWBN's on-going educational series for business owners: Tidbits of Training. This series of short workshops (less than 2 hours in length) are designed to maximize your learning potential and business know-how, and feature some of the best known business leaders in our community.


Following Deb's compelling presentation, we continued to mingle while lining up to sample Oh Sugar's candy buffet, hosted by Ambrosia.

More sweet treats followed us home. Shirley Lang from Kitchens of Distinction sent participants home with a whimsical pumpkin spice cookie. Deelish!

The colourful prize basket was won by Anita Voorsluys, Spa Sales Manager at The WIllow Stream Spa. Incidentally, Anita will be hosting next month's November WoW Event. A night at the spa? Yes, please!


Speaking of next month's event, join your WoW Community at the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Empress Hotel for: 

WoW's Ladies Night Out :: The Ultimate YOU-nique Indulgence

With the flurry of wedding shows just around the corner, how do you make sure you stand out in the crowd? Learn how to identify and demonstrate your own Competitve Edge. Plus indulge in a little spa pampering, sample tasty treats, and hang out with your besties in the biz!

This event will be sure to fill up fast. 

Last day to RSVP: November 8th



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