Earth's Herbal Tea

1. How did your company get started? How did you get into your field of expertise? 

I have been making organic herb products since 1992.  Earth's Herbal Products was created with a strong background in holistic medicine, healthcare, phytotherapy, science, folklore and the art of creating herbal remedies.  I began as a Holistic Consultant working along side many prominent herbalists and Naturopaths in Victoria BC. The recipes she started creating were for individual clients.  Their success spread among the community until she was encourage to create a line of products to be available in stores. This spawned Earth's Herbal Products, an ever growing line of organic tinctures, ointments, aromatherapy, sensual products and herbal teas that are not only delicious but also of the highest quality available. Packaged in a fun, unique way that shows my own personal character and humour.

2. What are you most passionate about professionally?

Contentious service and exceptional quality.

3. What most excites you about your business & the contribution you can make?

 I am excited to contribute a boutique luxury experience with unique, local, organic products.  I specialize in private bridal tea parties, custom wedding favors and catered tea bar service.   

3. What makes your business unique?
My group tea party events and products are classically timeless, creative, historic and elegant. 
4. What inspiring quote best describes your business or your passion for brides, weddings, love, etc.?

"live simply, speak kindly, keep growing, be happy in life, and if your not enjoying what you are doing then make a change...Life is too good not to enjoy it! " Dori, Herb Farmer.

5. What was the most rare/interesting/quirky request you’ve had from a bride or groom?
Tea Martini Wedding Cake.
How did you make it happen for them?
One of my specialties is to create Herbal Tea Cocktails.  This request was exciting for me because I was able to showcase my delicious herbal teas in a new way that was a big hit at the wedding as an alternative to cake for the late night wedding reception.  
6. What would your dream wedding include? Even if you have already had yours, what would you have changed?
My dream wedding would include a flowering herb garden ceremony, a petting zoo cuddle corner, great music, customized wedding favors for my guests and fun signature cocktails with names like... His / Hers custom cocktail, "Blushing Bride",  "Raspberry Champagne Cocktail or "Blind Drunk Bridesmaid".
7. Describe a situation or experience in your work that you are most proud of, that you found to be rewarding, inspiring or even funny…
I am proud of my diverse line of all natural unique products. For bridal showers and gifts my sensual products are a fun unique and hilarious way to spice up the party.  Stroke It, Super Stroke it and Nipple Gel. 

8. What was the last thing that brought tears to your eyes?
An injured animal.
9. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
A Youtube video of a wild free form dance.
10. Finish this sentence…”Your wedding is the first step. But to make a marriage last…"
is to keep dating each other!