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What is WoW?
Women of Weddings in Victoria BC is the city's first alliance of prestige wedding businesses. WoW connects leaders in the wedding industry-to one other, and to our clientele.

Membership in WoW | Women of Weddings indicates your business is committed to delivering:

  • exceptional customer service 
  • the finest quality products and services 
  • an unforgettable experience for our sophisticated brides

Why is WoW right for your business?

As business owners, we all know how difficult it can be to decide where to spend your precious resources: your marketing budget, and your limited time and energy. Women of Weddings offers an innovative solution to both these challenges, AND provides a way to elevate the reputation of your business.

For over two years, Victoria WoW has helped local wedding service providers make new connections, learn new skills, and grow their businesses. WoW Membership is a solid investment in both your business and your wedding community, offering monthly opportunities to network, learn and share with like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you're a successful wedding professional, you already know the importance of aligning and collaborating with similar companies. Perhaps, like WoW's founder Sharon Rai, you've found standard networking groups inefficient for making the connections you need in your field. A networking community targeted exclusively to bridal businesses allows you to focus your precious time, budget, and energy into building relationships that directly benefit you, through referrals and collaborative partnerships.

How do I become a WoW Member?

To become a WoW Member, each business demonstrates leadership in the competitive wedding industry. When you choose to work with a WoW Member, you know that each business commits to delivering exceptional customer service, and the finest quality products and services. Each business has a passion for creating an unforgettable experience for your wedding day.  WoW Members meet regularly share their secrets, discuss best practices, and celebrate their industry. They are devoted to learning the most current wedding trends. They are excited to pass on their wisdom to you, their Brides.

7 Powerful Reasons Why YOU Need to Join WoW

WoW's mission is to grow our businesses together, solidifying our reputations as leaders and gaining widespread exposure throughout our chosen markets. Here's how we do it:

1. Create more visibility for your business and build genuine collaborative alliances with other members at WoW Events. We meet monthly to increase our networking, learning and growth opportunities.

2. Access more exposure to your target clientele by being featured in WoW’s online Member Directory. Our website is a one-stop resource for luxury wedding planning. Be featured alongside other WoW Members with reputations as solid as yours. Increase your exposure by advertising on highly visible pages throughout the site.

3. Learn trade secrets and fresh ideas from industry insiders, and engage in workshops that ignite your creativity at all WoW Events. And if you have something to share with the WoW Community, we encourage you to be a guest speaker or host a workshop.

4. Seize valuable opportunities to position your business as a leader among leaders by showcasing your talents and/or products at WoW Events. Become a Showcase Sponsor and expose dozens of wedding professionals to your unique services or venue, in turn showing them why they should refer you: "We booked our biggest wedding to date as a direct result of hosting a WoW Event, and also booked a Calgary Bridal Couple from the WoW Blog, the couple read the blog post from the event we Sponsored in June." - Krista Clarke, Prestige Oceanfront Resort

5. Secure word of mouth referrals from other WoW Members. Gain new clientele you don't normally reach through traditional channels.

6. Take advantage of branding materials that align your business with other prestige wedding businesses in Victoria. Create a universal expectation of an outstanding customer experience, and luxury-quality products and services, by displaying your alliance under the WoW brand.

7. Gain more exposure for our businesses by combining our social media marketing efforts. By unifying our networks and cross-promoting, we solidify our reputation as the best of the best. We do this by hosting social media initiatives and contests, as well as educating ourselves and clientele via our blog, monthly e-mailout (aka The WoW Factor), and on-going social media conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Want to be recognized as an industry leader? Ready to Join WoW? 

Three Steps to Join WoW

1.  Click Here to Download Our Membership Application. You'll also find all the information about membership options and pricing at the link.

2. Fill out the application, and email it OR call us at 778.430.7847, the WoW Team would like to learn more about your business and help you choose which membership option is best suited for you.

3.  Mark your calendars for our next event and get ready to network with your fellow elite wedding industry professionals, click here to find out details for our next event.