Magical Moments Decorating

Magical Moments Decorating

Magical Moments Decorating A: 715 Claremont Avenue Victoria, BC V8Y 1J9
P: 250-858-8877

How did your company get started? How did you get into your field of expertise?
We have now been married for almost 24 years. On our tenth wedding anniversary, we decided to have an intimate party with just family and close friends. When our guest list reached 250, we decided to rent Saanichton Fairgrounds. To help reduce some of the costs, we decided to do our own chocolate, wine and champagne favors, floral centerpieces and backdrops. My husband made some pillars and our anniversary party was magical. We had such an amazing night. From that night on, we started to get phone calls from friends asking to decorate their son's or daughter's wedding.

What are you most passionate about professionally?
What most excites you about your business & the contribution you can make?
We love being a part of the couple's special day. The feeling you get when the couple says, "We couldn't have done it without you!" makes it all worth it. Magical Moments treats each wedding or party as if it was our own.

What makes your business unique?
Our custom made decor and being able to make any bride and groom's dream a reality

What inspiring quote best describes your business or your passion for brides, weddings, love, etc.?
The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.

What was the most rare/interesting/quirky request you’ve had from a bride or groom?
How did you make it happen for them?
As the bride and groom were about to walk into their reception for the first time as a married couple, the groom whispered into my husband's ear, that he has lost or misplaced his wedding ring. Not wanting his new wife to know, we searched the limousine, parking lot and then drove twenty minutes to their bed and breakfast. Luckily we did find it at the bed and breakfast. Drove back and slipped it back to the groom, without the bride knowing to this day!

What would your dream wedding include? Even if you have already had yours, what would you have changed?
My dream wedding would include, lots of fresh flowers, crystals, and a seven tier wedding cake and of course having my husband beside me again!

Describe a situation or experience in your work that you are most proud of, that you found to be rewarding, inspiring or even funny…
I did this wedding where the bride decided to use a friend make her flower bouquet. The bride requested burgundy flowers and she ended up with hot pink flowers. Seeing the disappointment in my bride's eyes, I took her bouquet, along with the bridesmaid bouquets and took a few flowers from each bouquet and made the bride a burgundy bouquet. She was so happy and her pictures were perfect! We are now friends and we still laugh about it today!

What was the last thing that brought tears to your eyes?
Whenever I see a father/daughter dance, I feel the father so happy yet so sad knowing his little girl has now all grown up.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
My children always now how to make me laugh!

Finish this sentence…”Your wedding is the first step. But to make a marriage last…”
Your wedding is the first step. But to make a marriage, you must allow for change and growth.