What will I gain from a Membership to WoW?

A VIP Invitation to our monthly WoW Events.
Not your classic networking function, WoW Events will showcase featured businesses, who will introduce us first-hand to experience their elite products and services. In every WoW Event we will spark our imaginations and business savvy with creative workshops. We will be inspired by guest speakers. We will make real connections with business owners that have a vested interest in supporting our WoW Community.

A detailed business listing in our online WoW Member Directory.
Your listing on the WoW Website includes your logo, a brief description of your business, and your pertinent contact information. The direct link to your business’ website will target new clientele to your web address, increase traffic to your site, and improve your standings in the search engines.

Exclusive member access to our website through our private log-in.
You will be the first to view industry-insider information, and you can interact with your WoW Community.  A priority subscription to The WoW Factor, Women of Weddings’ monthly e-mailout.  This publication will reach hundreds of your potential clients and your wedding industry peers. The WoW Factor will feature tips and trends for brides and businesses, industry news, links to our current blog posts, inside scoops on WoW Events, and updates on our prominent WoW Members. Your business could also be featured as our WoW Member of the Month, creating buzz for your products and services. As a WoW Member, you will be the first to receive this.

Marketing tools to brand your business with the best of the best.
Your WoW Branding Package offers access to the WoW logo that you can use to promote your alliance with the best bridal businesses in your community. A Custom Name Badge to identify you and your business at every event.

Exponential visibility through all our social media channels.
By joining the conversations and promoting your business through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn groups, you will gain exposure to every WoW Member’s social networks.

Strategic exposure as an expert in your field through your published blog article.
WoW’s Blog reads like a glossy e-magazine, filled with sought-after tips, trends and insights from the experts in our WoW Community. Your WoW Membership can include an opportunity to contribute a featured article, positioning your business as a valuable resource in the wedding industry. Each new blog entry will be enthusiastically promoted in all our social media channels, further drawing attention to your business.

A first opportunity to sponsor our annual promotional fundraising event.
Each year WoW hosts a high profile fundraising event to benefit a charitable organization in our local community. We call this our WoW Feature Campaign. Only WoW Members are able to sponsor this promotion, offering exclusive buzz for your business on our website and all our social media channels.

Exclusive opportunities to promote your business by advertising on our website.
WoW’s Website will be the one-stop resource for the sophisticated bride seeking out the city’s best products and services for her wedding. Strategic advertising spots on WoW’s most visited pages will keep your business top-of-mind for your potential clientele. Hyperlinked ads featuring your company branding will drive targeted clientele directly to your website, increase traffic, and improve your rankings in the search engines.

"WoW has been hugely helpful in terms of networking.  The most important business relationships we have are within the wedding industry, and WoW has facilitated many of these relationships.  I'm not a networker by nature, so it is wonderful to attend events where the networking is somewhat structured - it makes it so much easier to meet people when you're placed in a small group with them.  The welcoming environment of a WoW event really encourages relationship-building. These relationships are extremely helpful in my day-to-day business, because they help us connect with brides.  When a customer comes into the store and says she's working with Sandy from Details, or that she met with Sarah at Buchart Gardens (or any of the other myriad of vendors we've met) we're able to engage with her much more easily and build a rapport, which in turn makes it more likely that she'll come back and shop with us again. The best thing about WoW is that it has made me feel like a true member of the wedding community in Victoria.  Because I don't actually attend weddings, I don't often have the chance to meet other industry professionals, and WoW has given me that opportunity.  It's given me a great sense of connection, and that is wonderful for a new business!"
Liz Fosdick, Avenue Weddings

What are my on-going benefits of a WoW Membership?

If there is one thing all businesses - whether large or small - have in common, it is the challenge of deciding how to allocate your precious time, energy, and money to your marketing efforts. Traditional advertising costs a fortune, and it is nearly impossible to measure your return on investment. Social media is proving to be the evolution of marketing, but it requires an enormous amount of time to stay on top of engaging with your audience in real time.  Building relationships through face-to-face networking is effective to establish your word-of-mouth advertising, but you are not necessarily making the most effective connections for your business at the networking functions open to the public.

What WoW offers to our Members is the ability to target your marketing efforts so that they directly result in more business for you. Think of WoW as your own personal super-powered marketing machine. With your Membership, you have multiple opportunities to be liked, shared, followed and re-tweeted across our social media networks - that includes WoW’s channels, as well as every WoW Member’s social media activity. You can position yourself as an industry expert through the WoW Blog and our monthly e-mailout, The WoW Factor. You have access to direct advertising on the WoW Website that targets your optimal clientele.

PLUS: Like a membership to organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Chambers of Commerce, an alignment with WoW means that you are recognized by your peers as a leader. As a WoW Member, you have access to the WoW Branding Package that you can display proudly on your marketing materials. The discerning brides that are making their crucial decisions will see the WoW logo associated with your brand, and know immediately that your business offers superior quality in products and services.

WoW makes it easy to connect with your community, display your affiliation, and promote your business directly to your clientele.

"WoW has allowed me to meet and work with wonderful people I would not have otherwise met.  My membership gives me credibility with brides they've mentioned my membership.  Being a member of WoW builds trust and authenticity and I learn so much to grow my business.  I’ve been referred several times by WoW Members, each of those referrals led to an introduction and booking. And those are the ones I know about because the bride mentioned it”
Deanna McCollum, Deanna McCollum Photography

What is my commitment as a WoW Member?

You already know that a Membership to WoW means that you are committing to demonstrate your leadership in the wedding industry. You are committing to offer the ultimate customer experience through your elite products and services. You are committing to supporting your business community through valuable referrals. You are committing to sharing with, learning from, and inspiring your peers. You are committing to make a valuable contribution to our local community. You are committing to celebrating the best our niche industry has to offer our discerning clientele.

"WoW has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know other members of the Wedding Business Community that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.  It has enabled me to begin to build relationships with these members and grow our businesses together! The spotlight speakers that we have had have been great.  I have been able to take away information to help build my networking skills in my professional and personal networks and to gather information to help better identify my ideal clients. In my role I have the opportunity to provide many referrals based on our shorter wedding season.  Being a part of WoW has enabled me to refer with confidence that the person I am referring will be well taken care of.   I refer other WoW members on a regular basis."
Sarah Barnum, The Butchart Gardens

Okay. Everything sounds great. I want to join the WoW Community.

Follow these three easy steps to becoming a WoW Member.