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We connect online with our clients and one another on our WoW Website. We connect in person at our monthly WoW Events. We connect with WoW Branding that shows your business is endorsed by the best of the best in the wedding industry. 

WoW Website

Our online community enables each of us to market directly to our bridal clientele. With your WoW Membership, your business has access to these resources to promote your business:

WoW Events

Each month, WoW extends an exclusive invitation to the very best in the bridal business. 
We come together to:

  • Celebrate our industry, and discuss best practices, opportunities and challenges. 
  • Experience first-hand the products and services of our peers. Want to showcase your talents at our next? 
  • Become one of our Event Sponsors
  • Share the most current industry Tips and Trends for hosting a luxurious wedding. 
  • Network with Business Owners
  • Support our community by raising awareness and funds through our Promotions.

WoW Branding

Membership to Women of Weddings, Victoria BC is extended to businesses that demonstrate leadership in the bridal industry-through our experience, innovation, and dedication. Show your affiliation with WoW by proudly displaying the WoW logo and link on your website, and all your promotional material. Your alliance with like-minded businesses through the WoW brand supports your word-of-mouth advertising online and in print.

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Why advertise with WoW?

We are advertising as a community.

As a community, we can leverage each other’s efforts to bolster our own business. Uniting under the WoW brand, we can combine our budgets to collaborate on promotional campaigns that promote several businesses at once, and give back to our community. Viral marketing through our social media channels offers us exponential exposure that we would not be privy to as individual businesses.

We directly target your dream clientele.

The Bride that visits WoW’s Website is actively seeking the best products and services in Victoria to realize the wedding of her dreams. WoW’s Blog and Promotions pages are where your ads will be prominently featured. At the very moment she is inspired, she can link directly from your ad to website. No matter how much you invest in a pricey magazine ad, it will never allow the customer to act immediately. For the fraction of the cost of print advertising, your WoW ad has the potential to generate immediate business for you.

Learn more about Advertising with WoW.

"Thank you so much for inviting Victoria Hospice and the Thrift Boutique to be part of the first ever WoW Event!  It was an honour to attend, raising awareness and support for our bridal auction.  Your support means the word to us, our patients, and families.  Many Thanks!"
Wendy Innes, Victoria Hospice Society

"I am happy to say that traffic to my blog increases every time WoW shares my blog link with their readers! Thanks so much to the WoW Team!"
Tara McHugh, Tara McHugh Flora

"Thank you WoW for the opportunity to talk about Sandy Merriman House and spread the awareness.  The gifts were so overwhelming; thank you everyone.  We have a client that is currently undergoing chemo treatment for cancer; in one of the gift bags was a robe, slippers and towels.  She was so appreciative of that gift, exactly what she needed to raise her spirits.  Thank you so much for putting a smile on her face and the faces of so many other women."
Christine O'Brien, Coordinator of Sandy Merriman House  

WoW your Marketing Strategy

Your Membership to WoW is your own personal super-powered marketing machine that brings you business without extra effort on your part. Promote your business with WoW, and create consistency with the rest of your marketing strategy.

  • You have a detailed and branded listing in our Member Directory, from which brides know where and how to reach you.
  • You have access to exposure in The WoW Factor, our monthly e-mailout.
  • Your WoW Branding Package offers access to the WoW logo that you can use to promote your alliance with the best bridal businesses in your community.
  • You can take advantage of our social media network that broadcasts your promotions across not only on our channels but potentially to all the channels of WoW Members.
  • You are actively building solid business relationships with your WoW Community at our events, generating precious word-of-mouth referrals.

    Learn more about adding WoW Advertising to your marketing strategy.

"I got two referrals from the last meeting - it's so awesome to see that this is happening so quickly. I knew there was a need for this type of networking and just to see the positivity of all the members, being able to collaborate with each other is awesome."
Krista Clarke, BW Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort

"Sharon does a wonderful job organizing very successful WoW events.  I find them a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other like minded wedding entrepreneurs.  I do look forward to developing a good business relationship with many of the members throughout the year."
Gaylene Salina, Simply Stated Decor

Be a Showcase Sponsor for WoW Events.

Make your debut to the WoW Community in high style.
Show off your superlative services.
Amaze us with your ingenuity and creativity.
Entice us to sample your premium products.

By sharing your offerings at a WoW Event, you expose your expertise to more than 50 business owners at every event, each of whom caters directly to your target market: the sophisticated bride. As we know, brides actively seek referrals to ensure that every detail of their wedding day is customized to their exacting standards.

To our Showcase Sponsors, WoW offers incomparable marketing exposure through:

• Word-of-mouth advertising by wowing your community at WoW Events
• Online prominence on WoW’s Featured Businesses and Promotions pages
• Featured mentions in our monthly publication, The WoW Factor and our WoW Blog
• Social media buzz through our own channels, as well as WoW Members’ networks
• Promotional feature tables at all events

Learn more about becoming a WoW Showcase Sponsor.

"I've just booked a bride who saw the blog post about the first WoW event that I sponsored. The bride also booked the videographer that day. She was impressed with WoW and booked us from that post. WoW is working already! It's exciting to be part of this supportive and dynamic community."
Deanna McCollum, Deanna McCollum Photography

"From the WoW Event I just sponsored, I've got one call already from someone through WoW, and my phone has been ringing off the hook for the past 3 days!"
Debbie Young, Respighi String Quartet

"What a wonderful event we had on Tuesday at the Prestige in Sooke! Thank you to all that participated in hosting and to our special guests for educating us. I could not be happier, AND, I have already had a booking inquiry as a result!  I couldn’t be happier to be a member of this organization. I am truly WOW’d!  Thanks ladies!
Krista Clarke, BW Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort

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