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Ra Photography Studios A: Victoria, BC
P: 778-676-2910
E: rrufontana@gmail.com
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1. How did your company get started? How did you get into your field of expertise?
 I have always been very creative. When I was young I decided I wanted to become a Fashion Designer and I went fort. I worked in the Fashion industry for 15 years and started taking pictures documenting my travels, our Photoshoots and loved it. Once we decided to start a family I quit the fashion industry and went to Photography school to keep myself busy and I realized that photography was my true passion.  After studying and learning from industry professionals for 3 years, I officially started Raphotographystudio is 2009. Since then I have had 2 kids, photographed weddings, moved to Victoria from Winnipeg, In each of these years came more wedding - Weddings that introduced me to extraordinary people, weddings that took me to new countries and exposed me to unfamiliar religions, And all of those weddings have helped shape the person and the wedding photographer I am today.

2. What are you most passionate about professionally?  What most excites you about your business & the contribution you can make?
 I am a peoples person and I just love the people I connect with, the stories I get to capture, Its all very emotional for me. I am quoting one of my clients review and I think it says it all 
“ Raj is the type of photographer that will make you feel super comfortable in your own skin.
Photo sessions can be very intimating and overwhelming, be it your wedding or you are doing glamour or even more boudoir ones, because is just “you" out there and you don’t know exactly what to expect.
She naturally has the ability to create an atmosphere where you feel secure and relaxed, you suddenly feel like you are at home or that you know her for a very long time.
She guides you in such way, you feel “you" are the subject and you own it, therefore she can capture the essence of who you are. My glamour photoshoot with my little daughter is a memory that I fondly treasure and that I will never forget. 
I have enjoyed as much the process as the final result”
3. What makes your business unique?
  I believe that it is not what you do but how you do it, and staying true to what you love; a mantra that I live by. Families coming together, the crisp drama of a perfect dress, that split second as a loving expression breaks across the face of a new husband - that’s why I am a wedding photography. Its my job and my privilege to capture those sublime moments and memories .  I limit myself to only 20 weddings a year in order to provide the quality, attention to detail and Individualized attentional my clients demand and deserve.
4. What inspiring quote best describes your business or your passion for brides, weddings, love, etc.?
 “For me, emotion is definitely really, really strong. So I want to create something that moves people, that has my voice and my heart and soul in it. I love watching videos like that. I want to tell those stories. I want to tell stories of transformations and overcoming odds and seeing my own beautiful and discovering myself.” Sue Bryce
5. What was the most rare/interesting/quirky request you’ve had from a bride or groom?
 Ha Ha none so far!!!
6. What would your dream wedding include? Even if you have already had yours, what would you have changed?
 I love small intimate well planned weddings. My dream wedding would be a destination wedding in Udaipur India in a palace with all the colours and traditions and emotions and all the LOVE!!!! I was born and raised in India and I love the emotions and simple traditions and beliefs. i would be in heaven if I get a chance to capture it. 
7. Describe a situation or experience in your work that you are most proud of, that you found to be rewarding, inspiring or even funny…
Being a photographer I am with the brides all day from the time they are getting ready until the brides let go and decide to have fun . I spend more time with the brides than their bridesmaid and its very emotional and I able to connect, listen calm the brides down and lighten up the mood , get them to smile and offer them protein bars if they need it and most of get them to smile and connect and enjoy their day !!!! Its a journey and maybe that’s why I get some of the most amazing pictures  that make me proud.
8. What was the last thing that brought tears to your eyes?
 I had submitted a self portrait for a juried photo contest my Canadian museum for Human Rights and my Picture got selected and will be exhibited at the Museum. It was very emotional for me and I just could not stop crying. I have always been creative, I have always been creative but I rarely give myself that pat on the back, my photo being exhibited in a national museum is huge and emotional and very very tearful!!!!!
9. What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
 Our recent Vacation to Cuba , we disconnected and had a blast and I remember being so Happy and laughing out loud. I feel we are so caught up in our world and hooked onto technology and social media that we do not notice the little things in life and just being there with a phone and spending time with my family made me happy made me LAUGH!!!
10. Finish this sentence…”Your wedding is the first step. But to make a marriage last…”   (I can’t get rid of the boldness )
  There needs to be mutual respect and Honesty and commitment to make it work, and enjoy the journey together with all the fun, tears and laughter and LOVE .