HoW we WoW!

At WoW, we know how important word-of-mouth is in the bridal industry. We build our businesses by making great connections with our fellow, outstanding wedding entrepreneurs. Better connections equal more referrals. And learning more about this exclusive community means we can help our clients by recommending complimentary, high quality services. See who has been WoW'ed!

"I just wanted to thank the WoW organization for your event at the HCP Gardens.  I was very pleased to sponsor the event, and it allowed me to get a referral for a wedding at the venue.  It is an absolutely stunning venue, and the wedding was spectacular.  I was very happy to be a part of the event.  I would not have received that referral if it wasn’t for WOW, and I just wanted to thank WoW and its members for that.  I look forward to being a member of WoW, and to meeting new brides and vendors."
Am Sajan, DJ Record C

“Being a part of the WOW group since it’s grand launch has been exciting for us at the Oswego Hotel. Meeting with a diverse group of wedding vendors and supporters regularly, is—on it’s own—an important aspect to our industry. But, meeting regularly at events coordinated by Sharon Rai, is an experience not to be overlooked. Each month there is a new offering, educator, or twist to the event, and it keeps the group fresh and current. We look forward to growing with WOW in the years to come.” 
Vanessa Pennington, The Oswego Hotel

"I believe that WoW is a worthwhile, meaningful organization that provides an accessible, valuable network and an open forum for business women in the Wedding Industry Community. I also believe WoW is run by some incredibly amazing and intelligent young entrepreneurs, an attribute I very much admire. Thank you for your hard work all year through and I wish WoW every success in 2015."
Margaret Howley, Red Carpet Photo Booth Rental

"I've just booked a bride who saw the blog post about the first WoW event that I sponsored. The bride also booked the videographer that day. She was impressed with WoW and booked us from that post. WoW is working already! It's exciting to be part of this supportive and dynamic community."
Deanna McCollum, Deanna McCollum Photography

"From the WoW Event I just sponsored, I've got one call already from someone through WoW, and my phone has been ringing off the hook for the past 3 days!"
Debbie Young, Respighi String Quartet

"What a wonderful event we had on Tuesday at the Prestige in Sooke! Thank you to all that participated in hosting and to our special guests for educating us. I could not be happier, AND, I have already had a booking inquiry as a result!  I couldn’t be happier to be a member of this organization. I am truly WOW’d!  Thanks ladies!
Krista Clarke, BW Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort

"Thank you so much for inviting Victoria Hospice and the Thrift Boutique to be part of the first ever WoW Event!  It was an honour to attend, raising awareness and support for our bridal auction.  Your support means the word to us, our patients, and families.  Many Thanks!"
Wendy Innes, Victoria Hospice Society

"Networking with WOW has helped my business greatly. WoW has been a way for me to meet other wedding industry professionals and learn more about their businesses, and now if a bride needs help finding another vendor I can help! Also, I am happy to say that traffic to my blog increases every time WoW shares my blog link with their readers! Thanks so much to the WoW Team!"
Tara McHugh, Tara McHugh Flora

"Thank you WoW for the opportunity to talk about Sandy Merriman House and spread the awareness.  The gifts were so overwhelming; thank you everyone.  We have a client that is currently undergoing chemo treatment for cancer; in one of the gift bags was a robe, slippers and towels.  She was so appreciative of that gift, exactly what she needed to raise her spirits.  Thank you so much for putting a smile on her face and the faces of so many other women."
Christine O'Brien, Coordinator of Sandy Merriman House  

"I got two referrals from the last meeting - it's so awesome to see that this is happening so quickly. I knew there was a need for this type of networking and just to see the positivity of all the members, being able to collaborate with each other is awesome."
Krista Clarke, BW Premier Prestige Oceanfront Resort

"Sharon does a wonderful job organizing very successful WoW events.  I find them a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other like minded wedding entrepreneurs.  I do look forward to developing a good business relationship with many of the members throughout the year."
Gaylene Salina, Simply Stated Decor

"WoW has been hugely helpful in terms of networking.  The most important business relationships we have are within the wedding industry, and WoW has facilitated many of these relationships.  I'm not a networker by nature, so it is wonderful to attend events where the networking is somewhat structured - it makes it so much easier to meet people when you're placed in a small group with them.  The welcoming environment of a WoW event really encourages relationship-building. These relationships are extremely helpful in my day-to-day business, because they help us connect with brides.  When a customer comes into the store and says she's working with Sandy from Details, or that she met with Sarah at Buchart Gardens (or any of the other myriad of vendors we've met) we're able to engage with her much more easily and build a rapport, which in turn makes it more likely that she'll come back and shop with us again. 
The best thing about WoW is that it has made me feel like a true member of the wedding community in Victoria.  Because I don't actually attend weddings, I don't often have the chance to meet other industry professionals, and WoW has given me that opportunity.  It's given me a great sense of connection, and that is wonderful for a new business!"
Liz Fosdick, Avenue Weddings

"I have enjoyed the networking aspect a lot. I moved here in early 2011 not really knowing anyone let alone people in the industry. It was great to make some really great contacts and talk about our passions as a collective. I have learned so much valuable information from the speakers. In particular I have completely revolutionized my quoting process after attending one event. My quotes now give total labour hours so potential clients can see the value in the cost I give them and I think it is working :)"
Britney King, Elise Tonn Designs

"WoW has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know other members of the Wedding Business Community that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.  It has enabled me to begin to build relationships with these members and grow our businesses together! The spotlight speakers that we have had have been great.  I have been able to take away information to help build my networking skills in my professional and personal networks and to gather information to help better identify my ideal clients. In my role I have the opportunity to provide many referrals based on our shorter wedding season.  Being a part of WoW has enabled me to refer with confidence that the person I am referring will be well taken care of.   I refer other WoW members on a regular basis."
Sarah Barnum, The Butchart Gardens

"WoW has definitely enhanced my relationships, in particular with the Hatley Castle. The ladies there are so wonderful to deal with, and since my Sponsor Showcase (same month I joined WoW) in January, they have referred me to 4 future weddings, all which are so unique and detailed and have ended up going with me as their decorator! I can't thank WoW and the lovely ladies of the Hatley Castle enough for the continuing opportunities. I have only been a member for a month, and look at what's happened so far!!"
Danielle Lewis, Trend Decor

"Over the last year I have made many connections which have brought me business.  Some were very profitable and some just small bits, but all raised awareness and spread our name around.  These are the people who either ordered themselves or sent me clients: Truffles Catering, Decorate Victoria, Details Special Event Planning & Decor, Cooks Day Off, Gala-Van Party Shop, Party Mood and Villa Marco Polo. I have recommended Caters, Florists and Photographers that I have met through WoW, and I found myself a hairdresser too. The WoW monthly meetings have been enjoyable and informative, I have seen many new places and made new friends.  So I feel my money has been well spent and I was happy to join for a second year.  Our promotional/advertising budget is very small, and we have decided WoW is the best use of it.Thank you to the WoW team for all that you do."
Josephine Hoskins, Victoria Vintage China Rentals

"I did know of a lot of people in the wedding industry but didn't actually have a chance to meet everyone in person.  It has been so great putting a face to the name of all the businesses I have heard about.  There are also a few members that I knew before WoW, but have gotten to know them much better and have built stronger relationships with them."
Sandy Yoachim, Details Special Event Planning & Decor

"We immediately received a referral from a WoW Member, after we Sponsored our first event.  It definitely has had an impact on our business as we continue to receive referrals. Being a Showcase Sponsor has allowed WoW members to see what we offer so they can share the information with their brides. We hope to be a part of another event in the new year!  I have referred services from WoW members to some of my brides and am looking forward to seeing if the connections have happened.  Since we travel all over the island we are able to tell brides about services in Victoria for hire as-well.  The best thing about being a member of WoW is the new connections we have made, and the personal connections with many of the members."
Lindsay Rehner, Four Frames Photo Booth

"WoW has allowed me to meet and work with wonderful people I would not have otherwise met.  My membership gives me credibility with brides they've mentioned my membership.  Being a member of WoW builds trust and authenticity and I learn so much to grow my business."
Deanna McCollum, Deanna McCollum Photography

"WoW is definitely a huge help with personal and business growth.  It helps with getting to know your competitors and how we all can work together and grow our business. I always send brides to the WoW Website, its the perfect 'one-stop' wedding website"
Taryn Stewart, Truffles Catering

"The WoW membership has allowed me to strengthen relationships, and build friendships.  This has a profound benefit to my business because I can assist bridal clients with all aspects of planning their day.  I booked our biggest wedding to date as a direct result of hosting a WoW Event, and have received many referrals from WoW Members, including Magical Moments Decorating, Decorate Victoria and Sharon Rai Hair & Makeup Artistry.  I also booked our second largest wedding, a bridal couple from Calgary AB from the WoW Blog."
Krista Clarke, Prestige Oceanfront Resort

"WoW has helped my business grow, I sponsored an event last year, and I booked four wedding cakes that were direct referrals from businesses I met through WoW."
JoAnn Hirschi, Tiers of Joy