With Victoria WoW
THURSDAY | MAY 10, 2018 | 11AM - TBD

WoW brings you ‘Wine O'Clock’ hosted at
Church and State Winery


"Wine-o-Clock" is focusing on WoW’s commitments:
Network, Learn, Showcase, Share, Celebrate
We are grateful to have LA Limo's sponsoring our wine tour to take us to Church and State Winery

Get ready for a morning of wine tastings, luxurious transportation and loads of wine knowledge from our guest speaker. With moments captured by the talented, Hattie Root Photography!

As you know, Victoria is a hot spot for destination weddings. Something extremely common at weddings, out-of-town or local, is wine native to our island.
Celebrating with WoW Members is important for building relationships to share the unique services each of us have to offer.

Come sip with others who share your passion for the wedding industry, make connections and get educated on local wine.

Pick up at Victoria Conference Centre 11am