WoW Events are more than just your average networking function. WoW Events are a celebration of the wedding industry itself: of current trends, of cutting edge creativity, of best practices, and of extraordinary measures we take to make our brides’ dreams come to life. Every WoW Event features a party-like atmosphere, a creative workshop, an inspiring guest speaker, and an occasion for our WoW Community to get acquainted with one another and build real business relationships. Our VIP invitations are offered exclusively to the elite businesses that make up our WoW Community, and our events are hosted by a select group of featured businesses that we call our Showcase Sponsors.

This is where you come in. Be a Showcase Sponsor for WoW Events.

Make your debut to the WoW Community in high style. Show off your superlative services.

Amaze us with your ingenuity and creativity. Entice us to sample your premium products.

"WoW has definitely enhanced my relationships, in particular with the Hatley Castle. The ladies there are so wonderful to deal with, and since my Sponsor Showcase (same month I joined WoW) in January, they have referred me to 4 future weddings, all which are so unique and detailed and have ended up going with me as their decorator! I can't thank WoW and the lovely ladies of the Hatley Castle enough for the continuing opportunities. I have only been a member for a month, and look at what's happened so far!!"
Danielle Lewis, Trend Decor

What is in it for you?

Quite simply, there is no amount of money that you can spend on traditional advertising that will compare to a glowing recommendation offered enthusiastically from someone you know, like and trust. This is the essence of word-of-mouth advertising. Glowing recommendations are not usually offered by someone who has seen your ad in a magazine or heard about you on the radio; they are offered by someone who has experienced your product or your service. First-hand experience is sensory, empowering your consumer with an authentic vocabulary to describe how your product or service looks, smells, tastes, feels, sounds.

By sharing your offerings at a WoW Event, you expose your expertise to business owners at every event, each of whom caters directly to your target market: the sophisticated bride. As we know, brides actively seek referrals to ensure that every detail of their wedding day is customized to their exacting standards.

The more knowledge your WoW Community has about your business, the more frequently the business owners are able to experience your products and services, the more familiar they are with your commitment to impeccable standards the more likely WoW Members are to recommend your business.

"WoW has helped my business grow, I sponsored an event last year, and I booked four wedding cakes that were direct referrals from businesses I met through WoW."
JoAnn Hirschi, Tiers of Joy

In the weeks leading up to WoW Events, Showcase Sponsors are also featured prominently in all of WoW’s marketing initiatives. Showcase Sponsors are highlighted on the Featured Businesses page of the WoW Website, including your company branding, your contact information and a direct link to your website. The Featured Business page also features a personal interview with you, the business owner, enabling your potential clients and your peers to get to know you and your brand more intimately.

Showcase Sponsors are also welcome to submit a brief description of your current campaign on our Promotions page. You also receive additional expert features in The WoW Factor, our monthly e-mailout, our Event Information emails, and our WoW Blog. You will receive Social Media buzz for your business through our channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with the potential to be shared through every WoW Member’s social network.

Strategic exposure as an expert in your field through your published blog article. You have an opportunity to contribute to the featured article, positioning your business as a valuable resource in the wedding industry. Improve your rankings in the search engines with WoW, your business will be highlighted in our Event Summary Blog Post, each blog entry will be enthusiastically promoted in all our social media channels, further drawing attention to your business.

At each event, Showcase Sponsors are offered an exclusive opportunity to shine the spotlight on their business with an information table. Display your best marketing materials, offer samples, and feature highlights from your portfolio. Speak to the Community about your business, and the services you offer.

Drive more traffic to your business, contribute your offerings to our monthly promotional draw. Brides and Members will have the chance to win a collection of prizes a great way to elevate your exposure to your potential clientele.

Finally, being a Showcase Sponsor at WoW Events provides you with a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with other business leaders. You will get to know their businesses and their owners more intimately, gain valuable insights from their approach and experience, and solidify incomparable business relationships. You will also recieve a copy of imagery taken at the event you Sponsored.

"Our WoW Membership has allowed me to strengthen relationships, and build friendships.  This has a profound benefit to my business because I can assist bridal clients with all aspects of planning their day.  We booked our biggest wedding to date as a direct result of hosting a WoW Event, and also booked our second largest wedding, a Calgary Bridal Couple from the WoW Blog, the couple read the blog post from the event we Sponsored in June."
Krista Clarke, Prestige Oceanfront Resort